A King Finds His Doppelganger Then They Both Die

“In 1900 King Umberto of Italy came face to face with a man who looked just like him. The King and his aide went to a small restaurant for dinner. As the owner was taking their order, the king noticed that he and the patron were virtual twins, in both face and build. He remarked on this, and as the two men talked an extraordinary series of parallels emerged which caused both of them to marvel:

  • Both were born on the same day and year.
  • Both were born in the same town.
  • Both were given the same name.
  • They were both married on April 22, 1868.
  • Both wives were named Margarita.
  • Both had a son named Vittorio.
  • They both had been decorated for bravery on two occasions.

Where this gets strange:

The following day the kings double died in a shooting accident and the King was shot and killed by an assassin.

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  1. Weird. I wonder if it’s another case of a secret royal child – perhaps a twin?

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  2. I wonder if they were secret twins? Very interesting stuff.

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  3. this is probably just a lie

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