Why Does The Constitution Not Apply To These Four People

If we have a constitution, how does it not apply to citizens when police are involved?

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  1. The police have always been out of control, I think. It’s just getting recorded more nowadays. The Constitution doesn’t apply to them, nor do any other rules, because they operate above
    the law. Whenever people say, “It’s a hard job. It’s stressful and they don’t even get paid that much,” my answer is no one put a gun to their head (unlike how they treat others) to take that job.
    In my opinion, a person goes into law enforcement for one of two reasons: 1. they enjoy having control over others (for whatever reason, including or not including racist tendencies)
    2. they want to *help* people, either genuinely or coming out of some perceived trauma (situations in the world) or personal (like Comey going into FBI work, largely guided by the break-in during his youth) that then in most cases I think becomes twisted once they’re on the Force long enough and subject to not only everyday bearable situations they come across but the dark side that exists in society
    among every class, every race, every social and economic situation, because “the dark side” can be anywhere at any time and does not propagate within one “type” of person only.
    At this point, I see no answer except that the police are defunded, razed, new hirings are done, new training is completed. For those who are terrified to hear the word “defunded” and automatically balk at it, they should take comfort in knowing it doesn’t mean the police will be left with nothing, their numbers depleted, and the safety of suburbia will be a giant question mark. It simply means that obscene numbers of dollars will not be overspent on their militarized equipment anymore, some of that money will be actually funneled back into the communities that need it for schools, infrastructure repairs, housing, and cops would be more community-based instead of strangers cruising by in their cars like sharks through neighborhoods. New training would dictate more “beat” cops; actually walking through communities, getting to know people. It has already proven to work like a charm. But these god-like, roid-rage creatures that have no idea what “to protect and serve” even means anymore would become a thing of the past.

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    • I think I agree with everything you stated but my question is, “Why not for these 4 people”. I can understand that some police are bad and cause problems but why , as a society, are they not immediately arrested, prosecuted and removed from the public view by way of imprisonment for completely and utterly violating the constitution of the United States?

      I find it very strange and would like to know what superpower they have that grants them the ability to rise above the law.

      What is so special about these four people that we can suspend punishment, of those police, that violated the constitution? I am baffled by how these four people have some special ability to disarm the entire constitution of the united states. How they can grant permission to a select group of police to do away with the constitution.

      They have somehow suspended one of the greatest documents in the history of mankind with barley a whisper from the public, private, corporate, religious, or political sector.

      To date I have not heard one solid answer to this conundrum.

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  2. I don’t know if there is a solid answer. Because just saying they enjoy “qualified immunity” which largely protects them from all their behaviors probably isn’t a good enough answer either.
    I guess we have to ask “How did qualified immunity turn so bad where police are concerned, and, like the antediluvian electoral college which should be immediately dismantled and removed, why isn’t qualified immunity being scrutinized and put on the table as a major factor for police brutality? I think it’s because these things benefit a certain portion of the population, so they probably will never be
    changed. Unfortunately, the Constitution itself was not written for nor meant for everyone; so if the very Constitution was really only meant for the white population, specifically men, and even more specifically white men who owned property….. how can we really question who gets away with what under it today, considering the very un-lofty origins of its birth? It’s basically just business as usual
    where the police are concerned. You know what I mean? Something which makes me very sad, btw.

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  3. I believe it was designed only for a specific group. When they said “everyone” they meant….everyone in their “group.” I think it was unspoken and accepted knowledge. I believe the idea for the Constitution was admirable, benevolent, and grand. But only….when applied, in hindsight, to “the group.” Outside of “the group,” it becomes lofty, pompous, self-serving, xenophobic. A study in the worst case of lip service ever. If it had actually meant what it said, including all people, all colors, all genders, it would have been an awe-inspiring radical statement of inclusiveness and equality rarely seen–if ever–before. But sadly, I think it remains surrounded and encumbered by the constraints of its original premise and intent, which was for…”the group” only, and no one else. The worst part is that archaic “Manifest Destiny, Native Americans are savages, Blacks are subhuman property” mindset of those undeveloped times COULD have been forgiven and the Constitution COULD have grown/expanded/morphed into that amazing maverick-like document if that mindset hadn’t steadily followed us down all the roads of US history into the present day. So in my opinion, because the mindset has never really changed–only gone underground in the worst of situations (being able to have sundown towns or lynch people with impunity), but remained above-ground where it can “pass” for civilized behavior: qualified immunity (“lynching” made legal), Native Americans shoved into the remaining corners and crevices of the country and largely forgotten, rich people getting off for rape while ethnic people sleep through their alarm and miss jury duty and get sent to jail for over a week–the Constitution is tainted and remains so. The taint has followed us like a bad odor and permeates the country. It could have been amazing, but the ball got dropped along the way, big-time, to re-think, re-position, turn it around. A gigantic opportunity for redemption that never happened. And here we are today. So, yes, obliquely, cleverly, in the world of legal word salads and excursive loopholes, yes…this keeps a great many sort of magically suspended above the law.

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  4. Thanks.
    I’d like to hear others weigh in on it too. 🙂

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