Erin Valenti, 33, Died Suddenly And Shortly After Making This Comment, “It’s all a game, it’s a thought experiment, we’re in the Matrix.”

She was 33 and her death was reported as being related to natural causes following an “acute manic episode.” Her body was found in the back seat of her rental car. There were no signs of physical harm to her body. No drugs in her system were found. No foul play reported by the police.

  • She had no diagnosis of a mental-health disorder and was described as being:
    • A very successful tech entrepreneur
    • Dogged determination
    • A relentless business woman
    • A force for good

She was the founder and executive director of Tinker Ventures, where she managed a global team of 120 employees. She was the previous director of Product Development at, where she supervised a team of 250 engineers.

Her last trip was to a three-day workshop designed for business leaders. She was exploring new technologies and ideas for entrepreneurship.

She left the workshop and immediately flew to see a friend. She had just left her friend for the airport when she started making strange phone calls. Her last words on the phone to family members seemed frantic and erratic. They took turns talking to her on the phone trying to understand what she was concerned about. Her behavior was reported as being extremely out of character.

One of the last statements she made before her death was, “It’s all a game, it’s a thought experiment, we’re in the Matrix.”

The police investigation into her death was described as a farce by her dad. The police did not submit a missing person report until days after the family reported her disappearance. Even stranger, police described her situation as a “Voluntarily Missing” status. A group of people found her body and only then did police show up. She was only half a kilometer from her last known location.

Unrelated but strange:

Valenti was the second death of a technology CEO in the San Francisco Bay Area within a 30 day period. The lifeless body of Tushar Arte, 50, the CEO of a web design company called AtreNet, was found dead next to his vehicle hours after being kidnapped from his home.

Coincidence or related?

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  1. Many questions-how long had the car been there ?? autopsy ? sounds like possible drug experience ….
    And by whom and why was Arte kidnapped ?

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    • You Asked — “how long had the car been there ??”

      My Answer — 5 Days

      You Asked — “autopsy ?”

      My Response — Yes. Nothing unusual found.

      You Stated — “sounds like possible drug experience ….”

      My Response — No drugs found on scene. No history of drugs. No drugs found in her system.

      You Asked — “And by whom and why was Arte kidnapped ?”

      My Answer — No one has been identified

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  2. No fowl play reported by the police.

    So, no chickens involved , then?

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  3. There are too many remarkable people being killed or having deadly accidents… Mostly do-gooders, non moral or near evil folks not so much. Rare suicides like Epstein…

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