A Cage Home In Hong Kong Can Cost The Same As A House In The US

The majority of people in Hong Kong live in skyscrapers known as cage homes.

In some places one square foot of space can cost almost $3000 US dollars.

Some rooms have nearly 20 cages for rent. Each cage is it’s own apartment.

Why is this happening and who does it benefit?

It benefits companies’ bottom line, and makes the rich much richer. It benefits the global 1%. It feeds the rich.

Hong Kong was designed to be Company friendly with a low tax requirement. It has one the highest degrees of economic freedom in the world. The economy is governed under positive non-interventionism.

Hong Kong’s gross domestic product has grown more than 200 times and the GDP per capita rose over 100 times. Meaning, the rich get much richer.

The ceiling for corporate tax is set at 16.5 per cent. The city has no capital gains tax, no withholding tax, no estate tax, no dividend tax, no sales tax or value-added tax, and no tax on interest.

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  1. corporate homey-combs ?
    It’s all about the economy, curious, what if 80% of taxes were ‘business taxes’ ?
    And turn the ‘health system’ into one of the ‘armed services’;
    it’s a war against disease and viruses , and let there be ‘team education’ !
    End rant, I’m clueless.

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    • That’s so strange, I just had the same thought of them being honey combs and the people drones.

      We must both be on page 7.

      I also like the thought of the health system being an armed service. At least that way police couldn’t arrest nurses for doing their job.


  2. Hello Lander7. The wealthy here in the US are jealous they can not force the workers / lower incomes to live like that. It is the corporate capitalist dream come true. Hugs

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    • Isn’t the opposite true? The wealthy in America make way more money crowding people in than they do. You might even say we have down to a science.

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      • Hello Lander7. In prisons sure, and they have learned many ways to make profit off it. However I was referring to the desire of the wealthy corporations to force workers to accept horrible conditions and the lowest pay just to survive. The constant attempts to convince the lower class / workers / lower incomes to accept less and less and struggle more while the wealthy upper class have more luxury and ease of life. Hugs

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        • I agree, but I was saying that the way they do it is by creating laws to criminalize the poor no matter what they do. This creates a free labor force with zero rights (even less than Hong Kong).

          The proof of this is in the fire fighters. Many of those men out there fighting those fires are prisoners. And we know the corporations own many of the prisons now.

          America is still into slavery… Corporate slavery no less.

          Same plan different process and at the end of the day many people living like animals while the rich wipe their butts with gold toilet paper.

          It’s sick

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  3. First, Hong Kong is not your typical Chinese city, and like Macau ( which is nearby and was kinda like the Portuguese Hong Kong ) there’s all kinds of complications from history, a mix of many nationalities and immigrants etc Like New Orleans or Las Vegas being chosen as typical Americana.
    ( I checked Wiki and Macua’s “gambling industry is 7 times larger than” Las Vegas and it’s officially the “Macao Special Admistrative Region of the People’s Republic of China” -wonder what the Chinese really call it lol )
    They are intensely populated and have excessive wealth and so on …
    But China is far from Mao’s communism ( like Putin’s Russia ).
    I saw a PBS show about a biker taking a trip through China – mind-blowing ! Nothing like anything I’d thought of this place – It could have been America !
    And then I saw a YT video about the ‘mountain people’ who the gov provided some ’stairways’ for – WTF ! Was this story made in the Hollow Deck ? A lot to learn about these people – it’s much more diverse than US.
    (( China’s uphill struggle fighting extreme poverty – BBC News at>

    from Jan 2018, Chinese gov to end poverty for 43 million in 3 years ! ))

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