My Theory Of Reality

I was recently asked an age old question and thought I would post the answer in the event it’s asked of me again in the future.

Basically the question asks what my theory of Reality is.

My Answer:

The world is real, our experiences are real, science is real. Reality is based on laws that govern cause and effect. Time and our progression through it leaves a trail. We live a daily life inside of a very real construct. Matter, Time, Interaction, cause and effect. (Reality)


The foundation of our reality is not so real. At best it is a probability responding to interaction. Laws have no meaning at the structural level, time and matter are nonexistent. Even entropy works backwards. Energy, wave function, probability and chance. (Engine)

— Those are the two facts of our reality as science dictates.

We live in a real world that can cause us pain; we are guided by fear. Our passions and desires fight against logic and understanding. We seek love. We are conscious beings that think our way through life. (Reality)


We have extraordinary occurrences of serendipity, that suggest a better use of the world around us, a world without fear. A world that can be guided by a disciplined mind. Where you must envision who you are and where you want to be. (Engine)

Those are the two facts of our reality as philosophy dictates.

We push past the known and try to think of the unknown. We move forward based on faith in what we do not know, and it works but there are times that it does not. Or it works for some but not for other, nevertheless, it works. The greater our faith the more the effect. The placebo works without reason. (Reality)


Focus of faith outside of ourselves gains more ground and at a faster rate. The results are far more impressive. Results so astonishing as to be almost impossible. Results that far exceed the capability of the individual and reveal something or someone else in the equation. A disclosure that is almost always only on an individual level and cannot be reproduced since the individual did not cause it in the first place. (Engine)

Those are the two facts of our reality as the divine dictates.
My current answer to the question:

I think we are living in a persistent illusion, formed of real energy, guided by probability, influenced by the human mind, and restrained by the divine.

I think everyone is fighting and arguing over the limits of their individual understandings. Fighting to prove that reality is what they (as individuals) have experienced or know it to be.


The world reveals different things to different individuals at different times through an engine that we do not have full access to.

The question is this: Can we develop the patience needed, not to kill each other, until we are all on the same page?

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  1. Interesting thoughts. Just out of curiosity, do you believe in reincarnation?

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    • You Asked — “Just out of curiosity, do you believe in reincarnation?”

      My Answer — I do not but I do believe in this —

      And I think it accounts for reincarnation.


      • This is pretty interesting:

        Your “stream of data” sounds very much like a connection to the Akashic…which all of us have. Most just don’t know how to get in or, have forgotten.

        It also sounds like Ryan was Marty.

        The thing about the Akashic is, it records events, not individual people’s lives, unless highly pivotal to history. Specific information about an individual’s lives are recorded in their so-called “junk” DNA. We carry all of our memories of our previous lives in our DNA. That would account for some of our dreams and why visitors are familiar to us but, upon waking, we no clue.

        Having access to “the future” only means that an event is so big with so many participants, sensitives and those that can get into the Akashic, easily, would glean the information. Once an event has been agreed upon, it’s impending unfolding could be picked up on…sometimes years before it happens.


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