Every American President, Except Martin Van Buren, Shares A Common Ancestor

BridgeAnne d’Avignon, (a 7th-grader from Salinas, California), while studying presidential genealogy, discovered that each US president is related to John Lackland Plantagenet (AKA King John).

  • About the exception Van Buren
    • First American Born President
    • Reintroduced the two-party political system we still have today
    • The only president who spoke English as his second language
    • Was responsible for the trail of tears
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  1. That’s an interesting theory. It seemed a little rude how the reporter was sort of symbolically rolling his eyes, wasn’t it? I wonder if he spent a whole summer when he was 11 trying to
    map out the genealogy of all the US presidents. That girl is gonna go places, just by determination and focus alone.

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    • Although I wonder, when it comes to DNA, if we have the option of using the word theory. I suppose the only room we have is verification from other researchers.

      I haven’t heard about anyone else doing a deep dive into this topic but I would be interested.

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