You Can Now Buy Canned Hamburgers In Some Countries

The world is experimenting with the American Hamburger in ways that no one expected, they are canning them. Countries like Germany now offer these scary food choices for those who seek American cuisine on the go.

Will it make it to the US? If it does, will anyone eat it?

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  1. And it’ll never look as good as it looks on the label.

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  2. A nice little revisit to a two year old post.
    Nothing new to see here – except… now – we have the impossible burger (as if things couldn’t get more wacky)

    But seriously – canned burgers hasn’t really surprised me. Processed food does stay edible for long periods of time just look at k-rations or mre’s. Maybe not the healthiest choices of food (like) products, but it’ll keep a person alive for a while.

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