A Secret Cube Movie Tie-in

This post is only for those people who are fans of the movie series “Cube”. 

I made a discovery of a black and white movie from 1969 called “The Cube”. It’s about a man who finds himself trapped in a cube with no way of escape. He doesn’t know how he got there and spends his time trying to find a way out. The cube tortures him with interactions between people who come and go from the cube, this mental anguish soon becomes potentially deadly.

The tie-in!

This is nearly identical to the movie series named “Cube”. People find themselves trapped in a cube, with no memory of how they arrived there, searching for a way out. The cube tortures the people trapped within it and is potentially deadly.

I have placed them in the order I think they would play out and it shows a natural progression.

  • The first movie has a person trapped in the cube who can interact with the people who control it.
  • The second separates the people controlling it from those trapped.
  • The third has no controllers just people trapped but one of them knows about part of the cube and thinks he may have helped make it.
  • The last film has people in the cube who were once possible controllers or designers.


The Cube (1969 ) This is would be the first cube.


Cube Zero (2004) This is would be the second cube.


Cube (1997) This is would be the third cube.


Cube 2: Hypercube (2002) This is would be the fourth cube. 

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