Thousands Of Children Given HIV For The Sake Of Money

The medicine, called Factor VIII concentrate, can stop or prevent potentially fatal bleeding in people with hemophilia. Bayer division Cutter Biological created a version that was heat-treated to kill HIV but continued selling old stocks of the medicine that could be infected, outside of the US. The medicine was made using plasma from thousands of donors before a screening test for HIV was available.

The medicine is used mostly for children.

In March 1983, the federal Centers for Disease Control warned that blood products appeared responsible for AIDS among hemophiliacs. Bayer and three other companies that made the concentrate have paid millions to settle years of lawsuits that accuse them of making a dangerous product.

Millions would have been lost if the product was not sold.

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  1. That is terrible that they give HIV to kids!

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  2. Off Topic FYI:
    More than 60% of French citizens refuse NWO fascism
    You really, really need to watch this video.

    If we don’t get busy this will come to America.

    Powerful. Please pass to others.


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