Remember When Massachusetts Falsely Charged 21,000 people in poor communities On Fake Evidence

Annie Dookhan was a chemist for the state of Massachusetts and admitted to falsifying evidence, affecting up to 34,000 cases.

It was found that she:
Tested samples without signing them out
Forged initials of other officers
Gave false testimony
Faked test results
Added drugs to samples
Falsely certified results used in court cases

However, she was still allowed to continue testifying in court.

She was later sentenced to five years imprisonment with two years probation.

Innocent people were incarcerated, away from families and income.

Massachusetts was forced to drop over 21,000 criminal charges. Many of the people affected served their full time in private prisons.

Dookhan’s story was the subject of a Netflix series, “How to Fix a Drug Scandal” created by Erin Lee Carr that was released April 1, 2020.

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