People Are Taking Their Sex Dolls To Public Meetup Groups

Like-minded sex doll enthusiasts are meeting to share their experiences and show off their synthetic companions. They advocate for stopping the Sex Doll Stigma and claim that sex dolls bring joy, emotions and great times to men and women.

Many dolls being sold on the market today are the size, shape and look of children but so far not illegal (Why not?). The sex industry is a billion dollar business market, that’s why not. It seems that the sex industry is moving forward at full speed with no real resistance from government, society, or religion.

sex doll meetup.png
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  1. That is so sad that men want to have sex with machines and don’t want to go with their partners. Praying for their salvation and deliverance.

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  2. Are the sex dolls like—minded to [sic]

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    • It occurs to me that we are either seeing really sick individuals…


      The world is becoming so complicated that it makes really lonely individuals needing companionship wherever they can find it…


      I’m not equipped to understand what I’m seeing and why it’s happening…


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  3. I can’t imagine it’s very comfortable lugging around a 120 – 200 pound (I’m used to US standard – sorry no conversion) “doll” whether for sex or not.

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