Fact: Swinging Babies Around By One Arm Is Considered Good Exercise By Some People Oo

It is called dynamic baby gymnastics and training can start at two weeks old.

It is condemned by pediatricians as extremely unsafe, with the potential to cause fatal injuries.

I’m at a loss for words at how insane mankind is.

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  1. Now fame comes for being an idiot. I’ve seen these before. These people put a lot of faith in their own ability. Oops, is all it takes.

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  2. OMG! a generation of brain damaged or paralysed children in the making

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  3. Okay, that’s insane. It also could be setting the template for the next group of astronauts, assuming they don’t drop anyone on their heads or break an arm or leg. :0(


  4. On second thought. it’s a form of child abuse. :0( Crazy parents!

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  5. Amazing how stupid some people are – I wonder how those moms would feel if their adult kids in the future give it right back to them and fling them around when they are old and fragile because its a trend.


  6. Oh my God, that is sick! 😧

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  7. Generally speaking; society IS sick – and s getting sicker each day.


  8. Satanic practices.

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