The Game “Deus Ex” Predicted 911 A Year Before It Happened

The World Trade Center was noticeably absent from the game’s New York City skyline. When you search the story plot you find that they were destroyed by a terrorist attack.

Keep in mind that the game came out in 2000, a good year before the real-life attacks that brought the Twin Towers down.


Where this gets a little weird. 

The game makers referenced some texture memory limitations that arose during the game’s development to explain the absence of the towers.

I myself have been a computer engineer for over 25 years and find this to be a response that doesn’t make sense.

With that said: The game has a number of other precognitive views of things to come. The game is focused on a hyper-evolution of technology, AI, class society challenges, populism issues, Occupy Wall Street-style rhetoric, and debates surrounding the ethics of surveillance and its impact on freedom. The game is becoming more real every day.

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  1. Does the game go on to say who REALLY did it?

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    • There is a level of complexity to the, “Who did it”. The terrorist in the game are seen in two ways:
      1) For those who watch TV in the fictional game, the terrorist are evil organizations with no central body spread throughout the world in sleeper cells. Such as the in game “National Secessionist Force (NSF) or the Silhouette.
      2) For those who live in fear of the fictional governments, the terrorist are freedom fighters who know that the governments are the real terrorist. The government has a cure for a sickness that’s killing off a large part of the population.

      In Deus Ex’s world, the American people feel they’re now subjects of a wealthy and corrupt elite working against the interests of the common man.

      The game dramatizes the idea that 21st century war will be waged with symbolic acts. where terrorists destroy major landmarks for more public awareness or TV ratings. 24-hour news and the internet becoming the primary battlefield.
      I would also like to note that the United Nations plays a big role in the game because they control the Anti-Terrorist Coalition (UNATCO).

      That’s all I know at the moment.

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  2. Maybe we’re following our noses? Sic fi makes the future by directing our attention. Maybe the games are no different.

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  3. No, I’m not a gamer – but…

    This doesn’t seem much like a game at all – looking more like the reality outside my window.

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