Time To Wake Up

This short speech may change the way you see the world.

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  1. We have forgotten that we are part and children of nature. But in case the human species would simply disappear one day, wild nature still there, something simply beyound our control

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  2. It is so obvious, but there is another philosophy that I enjoy. Like the hindu teaching that life is a game and we are all manifestations of god in a drama to relieve the boredom of infinite, solitary consciousness, not aware it is god, any more than you realize you are one with it.

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    • Very interesting and with some obvious overlap into Christianity.

      One body many parts for example.

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      • Actually its christianity that has the overlap. These philosophies predate christianity. Many Hindus believe jesus got his teachings in India during his missing years.


        • Origin aside, I was thinking of the overlaps as a possible path through the walls that divide. It occurs to me that people focus on the differences rather than the overlap where we can have common ground.

          I see people fighting over the differences but I don’t see them working on solutions within the common ground.

          Just a thought

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