Have You Ever Seen Someone Eat Geoduck… Be Warned, This Is Not For Everyone

Geoduck is a species of large, edible saltwater clams. It’s native to the coastal waters of western Canada and the northwest United States.

It sucks in seawater, filtering for plankton and vitamins, then squirts out the excess through its huge siphon.

The meat has a sweat taste.

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  1. I eat geoduck and have my entire life. Its pronounced gooey-duck and is not a true clam—it has no digger. The Nisqually Indians called them gweducs, which means “dig deep”, and contains reference to crude genitalia (the Nisqually Indians have a sense of humor)
    Scald, skin, remove entrails, split the siphon with scissors or a sharp knife, beat the hell out if it with a meat tenderizer, cur into steaks, batter and fry. They are delicious, funny, and the best if times and a challenge to dig.

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