The U.S. Navy Sprayed Serratia Marcescens Over The City Of San Francisco For Seven Days Without Telling The Citizens

From September 20 to 27, 1950, the U.S. Navy ran Operation Sea-Spray to study biological weapons in San Francisco.

They then monitored the population and recorded a dramatic increase in pneumonia and UTIs without telling them why it was happening. In the following days, the military took samples at 43 sites to track the bacteria and found that it quickly infested not only the city but surrounding suburbs as well.

Serratia Marcescens is associated with the following:

  • Urinary Infections
  • Respiratory Infections
  • Endocarditis
  • Oteomyelitis
  • Septicemia
  • Wound Infections
  • Eye Infections
  • Meningitis
  • Catheter Bacteremia

You may know it as that pink/orange stain that shows up in some showers. If you see it use bleach to fully clean the room you find it in. Keep it away from open wounds, eyes, nose, and genitalia. Wash your hands repeatedly.

The military performed similar tests in other cities across the country over the next two decades, until Richard Nixon halted all germ warfare research in 1969. The San Francisco experiment didn’t become public knowledge until 1976.

Take Note: This means that the following presidents allowed the experimentation to continue on U.S. citizens.

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  1. And, the one lawsuit was dismissed by a lower court due to the government being ‘immune to prosecution’. The U.S. Supreme Court declined to intervene. Bastards.

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  2. Sick! Why couldn’t they use it on animals instead of humans?

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    • You asked — “Sick! Why couldn’t they use it on animals instead of humans?”

      My response — That’s easy to answer; Because it’s not them or their families.

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    • And how is that better? Animals deserve the same respect humans do. They are living beings just like us!

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    • …How is testing on animals any less sick and better than testing on humans? My god, this is 2020.

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      • You Asked — “How is testing on animals any less sick and better than testing on humans?”

        My Answer — There are degrees of disturbing sickness and it ranges from self to child to family member to species and so on.

        With that said, something that is “sick” is still disturbing and unacceptable no matter where it eventually lands or is applied.

        So for example testing on animals is horrible but it’s worse if you test on your own child.

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        • I think degrees of disturbing sicknesses can also be a matter of opinion. I think it’s all equally sick if you ask me. We were just raised to believe we are the superior species and our own family is somehow superior to someone else’s or someone we don’t know. It is still all sickening though. I would like to think one day we will view it all the same so maybe it can all stop. Especially now…I think if you witnessed any such sickness it could be received the same, the same way if slaughterhouses had glass walls, maybe not all humans but many would question their eating habits. Or maybe pick up hunting because even though it is still killing an animal, that animal was free until you decided to shoot it (which it didn’t even know it was coming) and killing your own meat gives you a lot more appreciation I think. I never hunted (I was too scared of too many things going wrong and I never became to comfortable with a gun) but I went hunting with my dad, my brother etc and before I went more on the vegan diet (it’s still not perfect heyyy I am is just a process) I really learned to appreciate it in a way I didn’t before. If that makes sense? but it is still all quite depressing…I just feel we should know better and do better at least when it comes to this kind of stuff. Yes, humans may or not have chosen their sad fate yet, but it doesn’t mean we have to take the planet and animals down with us. Just my opinion though

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      • How do animals have more value over humans? It’d be better that they do it on animals than humans.

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        • Or even better, do it on nothing living if possible

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        • I didn’t say they had more value than humans. However, I believe they are equal to us. Why do you think humans have more value or any more right than we do? Sorry, but this whole humans are superior belief deeply bothers me because they have a right to life just like we do, they have feelings just the way we do and they do feel pain etc. The only difference is humans are the one destroying ourselves, our planet, and everything else we tend to touch…animals are innocent and for that reason I may even argue they have more value than we do, but please note I am a pessimistic when it comes to humanity. :/

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          • How are animals equal to us? They may feel things, feel pain, and live, but they are nothing like us. They can’t think the way we do. Animals are basically dumb.
            I’m sorry, but it’s true.

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            • ‘Animals are basically dumb’ I have no comment for this. The more we study animals we are actually discovering they are a lot smarter than we once thought. Especially certain species such as dolphins, monkeys, birds etc. Monkey’s are still very close in relation to us. They could be equal to us, we decide in our superior nature they are not. That is taught though and not necessarily true. Humans got to the top of the food chain by being in some ways yes the smartest, but also the most brutal species. I don’t think animals are much dumber than we are. I find most humans to be dumb in 2020, but we are suppose to be much more advanced than we are. Instead we have all these excuses to why we still are where we are today. Like that I personally disagree with you and you will not convince me of human greatness or dominance. Again…torturing anything is seen as equally evil to most people so neither is the less of two evils.

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              • So, if animals have the same rights as us, that means that they can drive cars and teach schools.
                Would we let them do this?
                Cause it’d be fucking dangerous and stupid to give them those rights to do such things!
                It’s like robots – we can say all we like that robots have the same rights as us, but in the end it’ll be proved time and time again that we shouldn’t give them those rights.

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                • Just because they can’t drive cars or teach, doesn’t make them ‘dumb.’ I agree that we are the advanced species…I just don’t believe animals are dumb. Another argument would be a shark vs human…a shark would win everytime as humans depend on things like weapons and tools for just about everything including defending ourselves. Humans had to advance and use other resources to get where we are today. So just maybe some animals are naturally smart and just okay without us tbh. Many animals vs a human could win in a fight without needing anything to rely on but their own natural ability to fight. Just saying….So without our own advances we would be just as dumb. Thankfully we are not dumb, but neither are animals I believe,

                  Robots are actually becoming very advanced thanks to human’s smarts, and if we are not careful that is something that could get very scary. The way technology is advancing is something that has been a concern for many years now. Cloning is something else that is worth a discussion. I feel humans are advancing too fast before truly understanding it or realizing the consequences. Robots are already doing our jobs in some places. They are actually more advanced than most know about. Look into it sometime…it is some scary stuff. The plans they have for robots is very frightening and it will be even more scary if it succeeds.

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            • You Stated — “Animals are basically dumb.
              I’m sorry, but it’s true.”

              My Response — I find this statement to be very interesting.

              Are you saying that if an animal were to suddenly have the same or better intelligence of a human being, that they would be equal to human beings?

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          • You Stated — ” I believe they are equal to us.” (animals)

            My Response — What if equal were not even possible? What if animals are better in some aspects and “less than” in others?

            What if we don’t want equal rights for animals… just an end to humans being cruel to them?


            • You make a very good point. I agree.

              Then I would be content with just ending animal cruelty. Like that I understood all the other comments stated here. Obviously humans are the superior species, if we weren’t we would not be where we are today. However, comments such as ‘animals are basically dumb’ and it’s better to abuse an animal than a human being makes me cringe a bit. I am like how about we don’t abuse any living thing. I will never say one is less than the other, or one is easier/better etc. Anyone who is cruel is either a young boy going through a phase (you know when they go through the ‘shooting squirrels with a pellet gun sounds like fun’) Yeah…my brother had that phase and it drove me nuts. I would cry and constantly tell on him. I felt bad about it later, because now my brother is like the complete opposite. Or… mentally unstable or just a piece of shit human being. And when we say things like it’s easier than killing a human being or whatever makes us a bit more numb to the reality of it. Almost like we are trying to justify that sometimes human beings can really suck. 😛


              • We should at the very least only be as cruel as they are or not at all.

                To be fair, animals do not show mercy often to other animals when it comes to sustenance.

                Just Saying


                • Sometimes I don’t think animals have much choice in the matter when it comes to hunting their prey as they don’t have tools like we do. O.o I feel like if we are truly the advanced species like we claim, we have no excuse. Haha. However some animals can show no mercy like you said and some species are probably cruel to others for no reason. I have seen and heard of some weird things that animals do and what not. Lol.

                  We have no reason however to be cruel to animals unless in complete defense if we are ‘smarter’ and have more resources to kill them as quickly and as painless as possible. I know what you mean though. xD

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        • I guess I am trying to say in 2020 there is no reason why we should still be poisoning any living being, including animals and humans. We are taught to believe such things like we are superior because yes it has kept us on top of the food chain and kept our species going. It is how we got here, and back then we didn’t know better either. I don’t necessarily disagree with that argument, but that still doesn’t mean animals have no right to a life, it doesn’t mean they feel any less than we do, or suffer the same. It doesn’t make it anymore right torturing an animal than torturing a innocent child. Both torturing a innocent animal or child is seen equally as sickening to most people. They would describe said human being as toxic or psycho etc…..whatever word you wish to use and would not be accepted into society. Maybe that is the point I was trying to make?

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  3. Another example of how sick the powers that be are.

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  4. You don’t think that experiments are still taking place? ~smh

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