A 2013 Rap Song Talks About The 2020 CoronaVirus Pandemic

The Album= “I AM THE STORM”
Track 5 / Song Title = “PANDEMIC

The rapper, “Dr. Creep”, states that he is he’s not a prophet. He made the song based on the research he did. Also keep in mind that the coronavirus family existed back then, just not widely known.

With that said, some of his song lyrics are just simply “Direct Bullseye’s”.

This line from the song is a direct hit because it picks the year and the virus family together.

“2020 combined with CoronaVirus, bodies stacking”

The video that encapsulates the song also hinted that there would be a world pandemic.

“The world is now at the start of the influenza pandemic”

The song has other interesting notes, connections, and images.

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  1. So if he got the information from research instead of the creative zone, where did the thoughts come from to initiate the research? During the 2011-2012 season, influenza A (H3N2), 2009 influenza A ( H1N1), and influenza B viruses saw a huge spike along with the resurgence of whooping cough. There may be a connection but maybe too tough to decide on this one

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    • I think it can go two ways. 1st — A possible Data Stream event 2nd Looking at the history of out breaks you could lock in on 2019 – 2021 and most likely get it.

      Either way, very interesting data. There are enough fragments of this type of data pointing at 2020 and a pandemic that it could have been mapped out had a program been developed by now to sort through all the data. It’s a shame that no big groups are jumping in to help develop the software.

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    • Some ppl are talking about how the big outbreaks happen around every 100 years or so and then smaller ones in between. I haven’t researched it enough yet know but I wouldn’t be surprised if nature had a clock built in.

      We spend little time trying to understand the workings of nature outside of providing consumer goods.

      Just a thought

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