Remove The Word Ghost And What Are We Dealing With — A Controlled Event Designed To Avoid Detection Or Induce Fear

The problem is in the definition. A small minority of the population, (all be it millions of people), are having an encounter with something that has been defined by the majority of people, who for the most part, have not encountered it.

Ghost: an apparition of a dead person which is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image.

By defining the encounters as ghost we dismiss the investigation. In fact we have no idea what they are encountering. We should be somewhat alarmed since the encounters are so widespread and seem to easily bypass any form of security or barrier put in place.

I, myself, have a friend that I’ve known for over 20 years who called me one night about an encounter with something extraordinary in his hotel room.

He was so surprised by what he saw that he had to share it with me. He was sitting on the bed watching tv in his hotel room when a man suddenly walked through one of the walls, crossed the room and disappeared through the opposite wall. He described the man as wearing a civil war uniform, he was about a foot through the floor as if walking on the actual ground the hotel was sitting on. He didn’t seem to notice the room or my friend staring, as he walked by.

Had I heard this story from anyone else, I would be extremely skeptical but given how long I’ve known him and his propensity for being truthful and direct, I found his testimony to be quite convincing. But where does that leave me in my understanding of reality? I would also like to note that he referred to the man as a “ghost.” Why is this the default conclusion?

First, I don’t think we are dealing with “ghosts” (whatever that is). I think we are dealing with something unknown or not well documented.

To be clear: Something is going on. We can blame a percentage on induced hallucinations, some on fakers, some on sleep confusion, but it’s that last small percentage of people who are wide awake, in their right mind and clear in the moment, documenting the observation, that got me wondering… what is going on around us that we don’t understand and why is it trying to avoid detection.

Is it like a form of camouflage, that when detected, takes on the form of it’s surroundings to blend in? Does looking like a human mean, (to it), that it can blend in? This would indicate agency of some type or a form of controlled response to detected observation.

Are we seeing a breach in time or a possible fourth spatial dimension. Keep in mind that a dimension could exist all around us that we would not be aware of until the moment it crossed ours.

Are we dealing with a controlled event created by other human beings for reasons unknown?

Encounters often seem concentrated in certain areas. Is this a form of security? Are we being persuaded to avoid certain locations for some reason?

Each encounter seems to be controlled and persuasive since they mimic what we would perceive as familiar and invoke a visceral emotional response designed to cause a reaction.

Let’s first break down what is being seen:

The first common type: “Shadow Person”


Their bodies are perceived as a type of darkness that has a sense of depth.

The body often seems almost opaque, thin and smoke-like. They also may appear as animal forms, uniform blobs, disembodied body parts, or wispy black blobs and swirling columns of dark smoke.

Second we have “White Mist or Smoke”

antartica unknown lifeform.jpg

Usually seen directly in daylight or well-lit areas. They often have a humanoid shape and move like a person would move. They will sometimes even be seen to have a type of translucent clothing. 

Sometimes they are more like white smoke or a type of white silky cloth. They can change shape.

In the video below, start watching around the 1:44 time mark if you want a clear view of it.

Last we have invisible encounters

These are by far the most reported. They are based on strange incidents happening that can’t be fully explained by known environmental conditions.

We are living in a world with millions of people who have encountered “ghosts” worldwide. It’s time we stop believing in ghosts and start looking for answers. There may be something going on that we need to be aware of and not dismiss.

Think of ghost this way:

  • Camouflaged
  • Manipulative
  • Deceptive
  • Fear Inducing
  • Avoiding
  • Hidden
  • Secretive
  • Purposeful

These are all characteristics of a hostile force much like the military when engaged in a foreign operation.

Just Saying Oo

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  1. I thought the majority of these apparitions/sightings were indifferent, that the figure pays no mind to the viewer as if they don’t see us normally either.

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  2. What about the cases where the ghost appears solid and no different from anyone else, until it disappears? Such as

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    • I’ve heard stories where spies are sent in to an area to learn behaviors and mannerisms of the local people. At some point they advance to the state of replacing people for mission events. Not a full life replacement but rather just a moment in the day. They just need enough to pass for a short time.

      I’m not saying that this is what happened but I am saying it’s a possibility (one of many).

      Why are people quick to think ghost? We don’t know what he encountered.

      Reality Shift?
      Human Impostor?
      Advanced Machine?
      Time Split?
      Unknown Life form?

      Why are people jumping to conclusions?


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