AI Will Fix The Problems Mankind Seems Unwilling To Solve

Human beings don’t seem able or willing to stop the few men and women in power from destroying the world. We endlessly allow people to abuse power at work, in the government, within religion and through every organization that mankind has formed, without any indication that it will end. The fears and concerns our ancestors faced are still here today facing us in the modern age.

The arguments are nonsensical and the results lacking. We see people engaged in bad behavior and yet do nothing as a society to stop “their ability” to abuse power. Notice I didn’t say stop them, I said stop their ability to continue abusing power.

  • Children shouldn’t be afraid to go to the park, church, school, home…
  • Companies shouldn’t be poisoning the food supply, the water, the air…
  • People shouldn’t be discriminated against because of race, gender, class…
  • People shouldn’t die for lack of medicine, medical care, shelter…
  • The government shouldn’t be stealing your money, your land, your homes…
  • War shouldn’t be used for profit, control, for cover-ups…
  • There should be an end to murder, rape, abuse…
  • People should have decent lives, jobs, education…

The list goes on, but I think you get the message. We haven’t solved these problems and now may be the time to bring in something that can. Human beings don’t seem able or willing to stop the few men and women in power from destroying the world.

We had our chance and we were given the time to fix it and we didn’t.

Will AI solve our problems in a way that we can survive?

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  1. Lander7, I appreciate your work so much, truly. I must disagree on every level with this one though. We are our own worst enemy, but to farm out our consciousness or the choices that are made, will only magnify what is already bad. The world continues to turn, and people will still commit debauchery and sin.


  2. Whose to say that AIs will stop that, either? All this, I think, is the result of mankind rebelling against Yah/God and turning away from Him.


  3. AI won’t solve anything. It will either develop too much intelligence (and therefore all those movies such as The Matrix or Stealth will start to come true), or it will be controlled by the very elite we oppose. Or a combination of both.

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