A Fleet Of Oil Tankers, Full To The Hilt, With Nowhere To Go, Each More Than 2 Or 3 Football Fields Long

A fleet of oil tankers anchored off the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach with no one to buy the oil due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Each tanker is near the length of two or three football fields.

Oil demand has dropped world wide from 100 million barrels per day to 30 or less.

No one knows how long this will continue or how large the fleet will grow.

This is also happening in other countries.

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  1. Seems kinda silly to move that much crude without some kind of compensation (first)
    Who pays the captain or crew?

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  2. Pity the unlucky speculator who bought oil futures prior to the shutdown and is now faced with the unpleasant option of taking delivery or paying storage fees.

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  3. A sight likely not to be seen again in our generation.

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