The Octopus Mushroom Looks Like An Alien And Smells Like Dead Fish — It Even Breaks Out Of A Pod

Clathrus archeri — AKA “octopus stinkhorn”

The young fungus erupts from a suberumpent egg by forming into four to seven elongated arms. The arms then unfold to reveal a pinkish-red interior covered with a dark-olive spore-containing gleba that smells like dead fish.

It attracts insects, especially flies that eat the mucus. The spores stick to the insects which allow the fungus to disperses and spread to other locations.

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  1. I didn’t know about that.

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  2. Your posts are always so interesting and entertaining.

    Lander, I would absolutely love to get you on TidePodcast. Please, let me know if you would like to do it.

    I get the feeling that it would be an incredible conversation.

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  3. You learn something new every day.

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