For 14 Years Saul Krugman Infects Mentally Disabled Children With Viral Hepatitis Via An Extract From Human Feces — Sponsored By The Army And Given Awards For Science

In exchange for consent to test vaccinations, New York University researcher Saul Krugman promises parents with mentally disabled children free mental healthcare and enrollment into the Willowbrook State School in Staten Island, N.Y., for mentally retarded children.

Once the children were in the school Saul Krugman deliberately infected the children with viral hepatitis by feeding them an extract made from the feces of other infected patients.

The study began in 1956 and lasted for 14 years. These studies were sponsored by the Armed Forces Epidemiological Board, Office of the Surgeon General, U.S. Army and approved by the New York State Department of Mental Hygiene.

Saul Krugman is seen as a celebrated hero of medicine and science:

  • He received the Gold Medal of the Robert Koch Institute (1978)
  • Howland Award of the American Pediatric Society (1981)
  • The American Red Cross Gold Medal (1982)
  • Karl Lansteiner Memorial Award (1985)
  • Krugman was awarded the 1983 Mary Woodard Lasker Public Service Award.
  • In 1972, Krugman became the president of the American Pediatric Society.
  • Professor of pediatrics at New York University Medical Center
  • He headed a commission on viral and rickettsial vaccines for the Federal Food and Drug Administration
  • Elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1976

Does the good he did outweigh the evil?

  • He helped the development of vaccines against measles
  • He helped the development of vaccines against rubella
  • He helped the development of vaccines against hepatitis
  • He established one of the country’s first comprehensive children’s health clinics
  • Author of well over 200 scientific papers
  • Dr. Krugman was a co-author of “Infectious Diseases of Children”

People abuse power when they go unchecked. Be on the lookout for any organization that is not properly monitored.

If you put children in an artificial environment, they will not evolve in a normal way. This is raw footage from the school and is not suited for anyone with a sensitive disposition. Adults only! Do not allow underage children to watch. I can’t say this enough, the truth is very hard to see.

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  1. Spock would say that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few… or the one. He was speaking lines from a movie scene, of course.

    Where does one draw the line? hmmmm

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  2. I wonder why none of these people ever experiment on themselves or their own kids….

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  3. I couldn’t watch the video, I knew that was more than I could bear. All of these terrible things, this, Tuskegee.. so many others. We hung people for war crimes against humanity. These sadistic creatures should be hung too

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  4. Apparently, Mr. Krugman never encountered the phrase primum non nocere (first, do no harm) in his medical studies, or considered it superfluous advice. And why is it that some of the vilest men to walk the planet during the last century or so all come from the same ethno-religious group?


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