Some Churches, Bars, Party Beaches, And Major Groups Think The Coronavirus Is No Big Deal And Still Gather In Large Groups

Rodney Howard Browne and Congregation Laughing

Spring Break Parties Don’t Care

Mexico Doing Nothing And Stating That There Is No Virus Threat

Groups In India Calling For Large Gatherings

New York Bars Busy

Pastor Holds Services Despite Virus Outbreak

Brits Still Want To Party

The French Protesting In Dense Crowds

Iran Still Holding Large Religious Events

Time will tell.

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  1. Population cleanse. Cull the non-believers 🚽💩🧻


  2. How tragically foolish and stupid. There’s a difference between having faith and using wisdom. We had a local kid go down to Spring break in Florida and came back and gave us our first verified case of Covid-19 in our community.

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