9 Experienced Ski Hikers Found Dead, Nearly Naked And Radioactive With Broken Bones But No Bruises

On February 2, 1959, 9 experienced hikers died under extremely strange and frightening circumstances in the Ural Mountains of Western Russia.

Police and military investigators were baffled by what they found at the campsite. The tent had been sliced open from the inside and abandoned, with their belongings still inside. This happened while external conditions were as low as minus-25 degrees C, with wind speeds estimated between 8 and 16 meters per second.


Some of the hiker’s bodies were found nearly a mile away from the campsite buried 13 feet beneath the snow.

  • Investigators found footprints in the snow of eight or nine people who were wearing socks, a single shoe or were barefoot.
  • Two men were found barefoot and dressed only in their underclothes.
  • Footprints in the snow indicated that the hikers fled the tent in a hurry.
  • Four others were found in a ravine and appeared to have suffered traumatic pressure injuries like that of a car crash but no soft tissue damage.
  • One was missing a tongue and eyes.
  • Tests on their bodies and clothing showed small traces of radiation.
  • Some were wearing clothes that belonged to other team members.
  • Their bodies had a deep brown tan.

The investigators concluded that the skiers died because they encountered a “natural force they were unable to overcome.” Public access to the site was banned for three years. The results of the military investigation were declassified and released in the 1990s with some paperwork missing. Dubbed the “Dyatlov Pass Incident.”

The team created a little (newspaper like) journal about their hike titled “The Evening Ortoten“. In it was a very strange title for one of the headlines, it read, “From now on, we know that the snowmen exist“. What and who they are referring to is unknown.

Last but not least:

The team had a number of cameras that were full of expedition photos but two photographs recovered are a mystery.

One of a person, not on the team, seen in the forest wearing strange clothing.


The second of a night shot showing lights, in what should have been pitch dark conditions.gfh

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  1. Or yeti, or sasquatch, or abominable snowmen.
    Or just humans hiding out in the mountains not wanting anyone to know there are there…

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  2. Strange case. That photo of the “person” not on the team looks like a Bigfoot to me.

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  3. Vacation ideas 2020:

    camping in the Ural Mountains of Western Russia

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