Severely Autistic Girl Unable To Speak And Declared Mentally Deficient Suddenly Starts Communicating Using A Computer

Carly Fleischmann is a severely autistic girl who is unable to speak and was thought to be mentally deficient by the experts. She has bouts of flailing arms, drooling, running around and chaotic motion.

One day when Carly was 11, she suddenly ran to a computer and began to type for the first time.  She typed the word “H-U-R-T” and then “H-E-L-P” and then she threw up. She was never taught a language or how to use a computer, so everyone was shocked.

Where this opened everyone’s eyes:

For the first time, we are now able to hear the thoughts of a severely autistic person. What she described is both shocking and frightening.

  • She stated:
    • ‘I Want Something that Will Put Out the Fire’.
    • She bangs her head because it feels like her body is going to explode.
    • She feels she’s at war with her own brain.
    • She can hear multiple conversations at once.
    • She sees herself locked in a body that she has little to no control over.
    • She covers her ears, flaps her hands, hums, and rocks to “Drown out all sensory input that overloads” her.
    • “I take over a thousand pictures of a person’s face when I look at them.”
    • She feels like ants are crawling on her.

Where it gets incredible:

An older Carly is now becoming the first nonverbal talk show host.

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  1. That’s so amazing! This was a really interesting post

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  2. Poor thing. How awful to be trapped in your own body like that.

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