10 Horror Shows That Either Found A Way To Scare Me Or Fascinated Me To No End

(TV Show) “The Haunting of Hill House 2018“: Found a way to scare me multiple times and at least once to my core.

(Movie) “The Autopsy of Jane Doe“: Found a way to scare me multiple times.

(Movie) “Before I Wake“: Found a way to fascinate me and tug on the heartstrings.

(Movie) “Final Destination 2“: Found a way to fascinate me. It’s a fun ride with shocking scenes.

(Movie) “Happy Death Day“: Found a way to fascinate me and kept me guessing.

(Movie) “Triangle“: Found a way to fascinate me to no end!

(Movie) “Fourth Kind“: Found a way to disturb me.

(Movie) “Sixth Sense“: Found a way to fascinate me in a creepy way.

(Movie) “Cube“: Found a way to fascinate me in a conspiracy way.

(Movie) “Devil“: Found a way to fascinate me and made me think a bit beyond the movie.

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  1. Have mercy… Enjoy the scary/gory ones for me.

    Loved The Sixth Sense.

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  2. Aw man, super entertaining shows and movies. I haven’t seen them all, but they all look like a good time.

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  3. Lander, horror stories and movies are not on my list of favorite entertainment. But, since I love science fiction and ghost stories, I’ve seen “Fourth Kind” and “Sixth Sense.”

    “Fourth Kind” was indeed very disturbing. If true, as claimed, we would have cause for alarm and concern for the future of our species.

    There were several creepy scenes in the “Sixth Sense,” but I found it a compelling story. Loved the twist in the end.

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  4. Like Rosaliene Bacchus, horror material is not part of my taste and entertainment. I have had movies and stuff (not necessarily just fiction) really, REALLY scare me so much, that I would be scared to enter my room at night and sleep by myself. Sometimes even too scared to go into the bathroom at night and have a shower. Or even the toilet. Nowadays, it is generally just real-life stuff I see or hear or read about that scares me, not so much the fictional stuff anymore.

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  5. Haven’t seen any of them. I was a bit shaken by “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” (the original “Jurassic Park”, while awesome, failed to scare me). But I was TERRIFIED by “The Dinosaur Project” (but still quite enjoyed it).

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