Bridegroom From A Different Country Finds Himself In An Old Photo From His Fiancée’s Album Taken When She Was 5

Alex and Donna Voutsinas


They came from different countries and fell in love at work.

Days before their wedding, Mr. Voutsinas was looking through his fiancée’s childhood photos and was shocked to see his father pushing his younger self in the rear of a photo at Disney World while his soon to be wife, then age five, posed in the foreground.

If you look closely you can see the father is even looking right at the camera. Don’t forget that these two families were living in different countries, so the timing is off the scale. Think about how many moving parts of a person’s life have to line up to make this a reality.

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  1. Is this synchronicity, or is everything preordained? hmmmm

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  2. It’s a small world afterall…

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