Remember When Japan Undertook Merciless Human Experimentation On Over 10,000 Live People, Including Infants, For 8 Years

Code Named: Unit 731

Location: Pingfang district of Harbin (now Northeast China).
Date: 1937–1945

Japan Undertook lethal human experimentation on live men, women, children, and infants that were referred to as “logs”. Victims were Chinese, Soviet, Mongolian, and Korean.

  • Biological warfare experimentation
  • Chemical warfare experimentation
  • Live Human Weapons Testing
  • Live Surgery
  • Live Amputation
  • Frostbite Testing
  • Over 3,000 dead
  • Over 10,000 victims

Live Surgery
Surgery without anesthesia on living human beings because it was thought that the death of the subject would affect the results.

Live Amputation
Prisoners had limbs amputated in order to study blood loss. Parts of organs, such as the brain, lungs, and liver, were removed from some prisoners.

Frostbite Testing
Physiologist conducted experiments by taking captives outside, dipping various appendages into water, and allowing the limb to freeze.

Syphilis Testing
Doctors orchestrated forced sex acts between infected and non-infected prisoners to transmit the disease. Rape and forced pregnancy of female prisoners were common and supplied infants for more testing.

Weapon Testing
Human victims were used for testing of grenades, flamethrowers, and all-purpose targets.

Other Experiments
Victims were tested to see how long until death when deprived of food and water, placed into high-pressure chambers, exposed to chemicals, burned, placed into centrifuges, injected with animal blood, exposed to x-rays, gas chambers, injected with sea water, and buried alive.

Biological warfare
Japanese researchers performed tests on prisoners with bubonic plague, cholera, smallpox, botulism, and other diseases.

Soviet forces managed to arrest and try in court a number of the monsters during the “Khabarovsk War Crime Trials in 1949“.

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  1. Mengele would be proud. Freaks.

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  2. The dark ages of man(un)kind weren’t just in the Dark Ages.

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  3. Freakin’ sick! Glad a number of the bastards were arrested. That is the least they deserve for what they did.

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  4. The Japanese were more savage than the Nazis

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  5. Really sick. I’d heard about SOME of this stuff. It was the feature of a novel I read fairly recently.

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  6. Americans are far from perfect as well.
    All humans have a dark side
    …what we don’t know – – –

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  7. I know I responded over a year ago but, you might find this interesting:

    Mentions 731…

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    • There’s a lot going on there in that link. I’ll have to do some research, thanks.

      With that said: As a technician there are a few things we already know. Some people don’t respond well to 5g and have symptoms similar to those listed. Same thing with people living near high voltage power lines. Same symptoms if people leave the fuse box door open in their house. All three of those are high level microwave emitters. Even the new fast cell phone chargers use microwaves, the one you just lay the phone on.

      Microwaves can change dna instantly but so can cigarette smoke and weed killers.

      As for the new virus outbreak that seems a bit edgy but I’m going to research it since it looks interesting, thanks.

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