Stranger Is Caught On Video Licking A Doorbell For 3 Straight Hours

The new video doorbell recorded him via motion detection. He stood there licking the doorbell with dogged determination for a straight 3 hours. The doorbell alerted the family of movement and began recording.

Salinas, California police caught 33-year-old Roberto Daniel Arroyo after they reviewed the video footage from the doorbell.

He was recorded via one of the new automatic video doorbell devices available for around $150 to $300. I use similar devices and strongly recommend them for monitoring the home, yard, and package delivery.

Technology (used correctly) can assist you and your family.

How many strange things happened, that we missed, before cameras were everywhere?

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  1. Maybe he has Pica? Wonder if the doorbell is metal? His geophagia would be better served in a park or sandbox.

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  2. A bit strange, to say the least!

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  3. Huh. Must have got a sore neck at the end of all that time

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  4. Guinness Book of World Records?
    *** com’on, it’s gotta be

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