Remember When Americans Kept Filipino Children And Mothers In Zoos For Entertainment

Filipino girl on display at New York’s, Coney Island, in 1905.

In 1905 the United States had a human zoo at New York’s Coney Island. Americans would come to see women and children in animal pens surviving as exhibits without dignity (some naked).

The children were also placed in cages for petting and touching. Artificial replicas of their traditional habitats were created so visitors could have an authentic experience.

There were also men in the zoo’s.

Some Filipino women were forced into marriage with Americans, which is a form of continuous legal rape without age limits.

Some of the people who died were not properly buried just thrown away.

Some suffered from starvation.

Eventually the US government shut down human Zoo’s.

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  1. That is totally sick.

    I wasn’t aware of that sick and disgusting aspect of American history (a lot of which is sick and disgusting).

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  2. My wife is half Filipino. I’m not sure she’s going to appreciate this post. But, it was a horrible time. Many Filipinos in the Philippines are still in hiding from Catholicism and Islam. Seems they still have some Babaylan they need to exterminate. Don’t remember all the details, but some political deal allowed Islam half the country and the RCC the other. If they know what’s good for them they’ll join one of those true faiths.

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    • I’m starting to see it’s not just religion, science, sex and politics that were used for torturing humans.

      People were also doing it for entertainment. Strictly for pleasure, they wanted to stand around watching naked women and children in animal pens.

      That’s a new level of dark and I’ve seen alot.


      • Did no one no any better or speak out? The visitors just enjoyed the show? It hard to believe in just a hundred years or so how much things have changed. There is one segment of the population that thinks the end is near because life is getting so wicked. It’s actually probably the best time ever to be alive. Just look at this, and in America no less.

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        • I would say the level of wickedness is most likely a constant. We have equally disturbing things happening now.

          I think the issue with each generation is that they tolerate sick behavior without challenging it immediately. It’s always just a small segment of society that’s doing these sick things but for some reason the rest of society doesn’t seem motivated to stop them.

          That’s the mystery to me, why no outrage… or why does outrage take so long to heat up?

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          • Well for one thing they had no internet. The other is the insulation of bureaucracy around those in charge. I actually hate animal zoos too. Cruel and unnatural. One day we will look back and wonder what the hell?
            You probably know about sea worlds problems. Well, those orcas were sold to an outfit in China, and they’re a hundred years behind in any kind of rights.

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            • Agreed! Also the wall of money protecting them.

              Sea world is a nightmare, along with zoo’s. At least we can say we destroyed the circus. Those sick twisted roaming animal torture houses had to go. They were the worst of the worst.


    • Believe me, as one coming from the Philippines, no such thing as ‘hiding from Catholicism and Islam’, no such thing as ‘some Babaylan to exterminate’, no such thing as ‘political deal that allowed Islam to rule half of the country’.

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        • First, when you say ‘many Filipinos hiding from Catholicism and Islam’, who are they?

          Second, the extermination of Babaylan. There’s not a piece of evidence, document or even handed-down traditions that said Babaylans were exterminated. Actually, it would be a relief for the early Filipino natives to leave this pagan religion, as they performed human sacrifices, etc.

          Third, there’s no political deal whatsoever on who rules half of the country. In fact, the whole island of Mindanao is not totally Muslim, the Muslim population is mostly on its southern tip, and that could not qualify as ‘half of the Philippines’.


          • I see it is hard for you to unlearn the empire. I certainly would not give you the names we support. What’s amazing is how thorough the colonizers were at erasing your history. Now you celebrate your colonizers religion. I know firsthand quite well how thoroughly duped the Filipino is by Catholicism

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            • I don’t think so. It is Catholicism that created this nation. Historical facts say so.

              It is either we were duped or you are duped by anti-Catholicism sentiments who were the strong force in erasing our history and culture.


              • I just follow the bread crumbs. The conversion of Europe and Latin America is unimaginable without the sword. 1500 years of force and torture, of course now there is no heritage left to celebrate, so they pay homage to Rome. I’ll look and see what I can dig up on missionary efforts in the Philippines. I’d be surprised if it’s any different. Very strong people that had beautiful ways. Now you say it was founded by Catholicism? I bet it wasn’t pretty knowing everywhere else Christianity they planted their flag was bloodshed.


              • Oh, and very, very few Filipinos here in the States even know what Babaylan is or represents. Catholics too, most of them.


                • Of course. If you really know babaylan, you should know that there is no ‘national babaylan’ that every Filipino should know of. Before the coming of Spain in our islands, there were no Philippines to speak of but an archipelago filled with many kingdoms, each having their own pagan religion. Babaylan is limited to only a small part of the present country.


                  • Yes I know. My wife is a Baylan. Why do you suppose it is limited to a small part of the country?


                    • I was speaking about the preHIstoric babaylan.


                    • Is there a difference? Your church didn’t get them all. I think you’d be surprised. Enjoy your evening. This is interesting reading. Really my wife knows a lot more than me about this than I do. I’m just an observer. You are worshipping the god of your colonization who erased most of your history. Sorry about that. My Native American friends are slowly awakening to their roots and the wisdom before Christianity. It’s fascinating to see a resurgence of the baylan as well.


  3. ALL people have a dark past.

    We’ve come a long way since then…
    Now, the “zoos” are kept in secret – 😦

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  4. Oh my goodness. That’s disturbing indeed

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  5. This is truly horrific!
    I did not know about this.

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  6. I didn’t even want to like this post but, you provide great material, even if it is hard to see/digest/deal with. The pix look like they were indigenous peoples, much like our NAs or Aborigines.

    This is a perfect example of one group of people thinking they are better than/superior to another group of people instead of respecting a different culture. That being said, there are plenty of people in the same culture that think they are better than the others.

    The utter arrogance sucks all of the oxygen out of the room. I might dry heave.

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  7. That is appalling. I had no idea it happened.

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  8. This post isn’t about religion so it got flagged as spam:

    You can still post your religious comment here:


  9. This was done to prove that the Philippines was uncivilized back then, even after 300 years of Spanish rule, as President McKinley said, “to educate the Filipinos, and uplift and civilize and Christianize them”.

    To educate? The Philippines has a University since 1611, older than the Harvard. To uplift and civilize? The Philippines had the Galleon Trade for more than 300 years and were enjoying various technologies available at that time. We had our own train system, electric system, etc. To Christianize? When the Americans came, they found huge church buildings, Christian customs, Christian faith, in fact, the Philippines was already a Christian nation.

    The USA back then formed a Filipino human zoo. Spain, on the other hand, did not do such a horrible thing.

    We were portrayed as low-class human beings in order to justify the unjust annexation of the Philippines.

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  10. I don’t think so. It is Catholicism that created this nation. Historical facts say so.

    It is either we were duped or you are duped by anti-Catholicism sentiments who were the strong force in erasing our history and culture.

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  11. The Filipinos resisted the American occupation, and it was bloody. Then comes the ‘pacification’ of the Philippines, suppressed free speech, the army resorting to killings (e.g. Balangiga Massacre), the ‘zoning’ of some towns resulting to deaths and sickness…

    Money is a factor in occupying Philippines. To use the words of the first president of the Philippines, “with Spain we were subjects, with USA we were customers”.

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  12. I don’t know what to say with this. I am just speechless.

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  13. This is one dark filipino history I just knew, thanks to you. Gosh, even ‘wicked’ is an understament.

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