Meet Sue Barry: The Woman Who Changed Her Eyesight From 2D To 3D

Sue Barry is a neuroscientist who lacked stereoscopic vision from birth (the ability to see in 3-D).


At the age of 48, she began a program of optometric vision therapy, a program that forces eyes to aim at the same location in space at the same time. This process promoted changes in her brains circuitry which gave her the ability to see in 3D. Brain plasticity through education can change the mind in ways that exceed our current limitations.

Seeing in 3-D provides a fundamentally different way of seeing and interpreting the world than seeing in 2D.

While an infant’s brain rewires itself in response to strong direct stimuli, an adult brain changes largely in response to stimuli that are behaviorally relevant. We will need to change our behavioral traits so that we can elevate ourselves to new experiences and understandings.

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