10 Things I Learned When I Joined Politics: (#8) The Debate Is Really Life VS Death

The largest political issues are really just between two states of the human condition.

Life and Death

Healthcare: Have it and live, or die without it. You either have it when you need it or you die. Let’s stop talking about it like we don’t know what it means. No one wants to spend money on cash strapped middle class sick people.

Foreign Wars: A way to make money for the rich through oil and weapon sales. No one cares how many young people have to die just as long as the cash is flowing.

Police State: A way to strip people of their rights so the government can have less resistance while the rob you blind. It doesn’t matter that untrained officers with no knowledge of the constitution are randomly killing people. Say it like it is.

Opioids: More money for the rich pharmaceuticals and the handful of people running them. It doesn’t matter if children are being orphaned because it makes money for people already 100 times richer than the average middle class worker.

Job Losses to Machines: Who cares if people are working or not as long as companies can increase the bottom line. The rich are hurting their bottom line paying people, they need metal slaves. Why can’t we just say we don’t learn from our past and move on.

Absurd Education Debt: Young people make great targets for life long debt so give them an expensive education for jobs that pay a fraction of what they were told. The rich need that long term cash flow on the back of your children. They need a cash strapped desperate worker willing to do anything for little to no wage in return. No dignity, no future, no hope just a 50 hour a week zombie. Say it like it is.

Child Abuse on all Fronts: Clergy, politicians, celebrities, and people in positions of authority raping children daily. They can’t even be arrested when caught. But what about the children? Why no outrage? Why no change? Because the people with power and money are the same people trafficking them around the globe. Why not just say it the way it is?

When I watch the news I do it through a bullshit filter because I know behind every political argument is someone getting paid. We are not only fighting for the life and death of or citizens but the very life and death of the world.

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  1. Good comments, Lander. Why do you allow it? Because they do not give you any choice. The system is set up to preserve the system. As an outsider looking in, I see all kinds of people hating the system, but yet trusting the system to somehow correct itself. They play the voting game, thinking their vote matters. In the microsystem it might, you get to vote for who you think is the lesser of two evils. In the macrocosm it matters not one whit, you are still voting for evil. The worst part is, the system is set up to self-perpetuate. It only takes 1 vote to decide an election. No one else needs to cast a glass stone. Yet the system makes you think your vote matters, yours might be the one to decide who wins and who loses. As long as one vote is cast, you lose.
    The only way to overcome the system is to overthrow it. And until you collectively figure that out, nothing will change except the party in charge.

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  2. Millions of people missing…are you referring specifically to human trafficking or something else?

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  3. Dude, Lander. We need to Pod Bruh!!!!


  4. Yes, I agree.. just say it like it is. Thanks!

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