Being Overweight Is Illegal In Japan

Targeted At People 40-75 Years Of Age

The new law is officially called, “Standard Concerning Implementation Special Health Examinations and Special Public Health Guidance.” It is more commonly known as “Metabo Law,” named after “metabolic syndrome” which is Japan’s official name for obesity.

Some say since you can’t be arrested that it’s not a law but look at the penalties. The law is aimed at your employer through the local government. If you’re overweight your company pays up to 10% higher payments into the national health insurance program.

So you either lose the weight or lose your job because the government said so.

Men with waists measuring more than 33.5 inches or women with waists measuring more than 35.5 inches are considered “at risk” and are referred to counseling and monitoring, along with “motivational support“. Since Metabolic Syndrome is a cluster of conditions you must also keep blood pressure, blood sugar levels, excess weight and cholesterol levels normal.

This all started after the rise in popularity of American food in Japan. It makes me wonder if our food caused the weight increase or their lack of control when eating it. Case in point, “Fry Parties”, where kids in Japan eat an entire table full of fries. Oo

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  1. Bam!
    It’s more about cheaper insurance rates all right! Where I work there is a strict (you WILL be fired if caught) no tobacco policy.

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