The Entire World Is Getting It’s News From Just A Handful Of People

Headline news, global news, national news, local news are all from the same news sources.

It’s an illusion of choice.

These, “Information Products”, like “Newsource”, “Edge”, or “NNS”, are identified as affiliates of the major news networks. Chances are, one or more of your local TV stations are affiliates of a major network.

Where this becomes an issue: 

There are only a handful of high-level news networks and at those networks, there are only a handful of editors who decide what stories to run and what to say. What we have is a small number of people who are responsible for nearly all of the news content we see on Earth. If you don’t know why this is a terrible idea then think about the damage a person can do with this level of power. They would be able to start wars, increase hate, and manipulate the flow of money. In fact, it would look a lot like the world you are living in now!

They would all say the same things Oo

They would make you hate each other: 

They would make you give up the constitution: 

They would even control what world leaders say:

The news is a machine that makes you think about fear, hate, war, and blame.

  • Think about this:
    • How do you feel after watching the news for a few hours?
    • Do you argue with others over the news?
    • Does watching the news make you more successful?
    • Has the news provided solutions?
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  1. You’re talking about “mainstream” news. I like the “alternative” stuff best.

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  2. I saw this news game for what it was about 12 years ago. Sure it’s worse even now. Have not watched a news show since but a couple of incidental contacts. I just lost a couple of friends on FleeceBook because I mentioned the fact that they were repeating the approved party line. Comments came out of the woodwork to condemn me for not choosing their side.

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    • My party line friends on both sides try to avoid talking to me about politics at this point.

      What I’ve learned isn’t that the truth hurts, no one cares about the truth. It’s the loss of entertainment that they fear. They thrive on the conflict. It doesn’t matter how many people are really hurt on the other side of those stories mixed with BS, all that matters is that they have an opportunity of lazy outrage from the couch.

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    • Yep. After I cancelled the newspapers and got rid of the idiot box over two decades ago it freed up a lot of spare time to pursue activities I’d always been putting off and left me with a more positive outlook on life. My only regret is that I didn’t do it years sooner.

      I am gross and perverted
      I’m obsessed ‘n deranged
      I have existed for years
      But very little has changed
      I’m the tool of the Government
      And industry too
      For I am destined to rule
      And regulate you

      I may be vile and pernicious
      But you can’t look away
      I make you think I’m delicious
      With the stuff that I say
      I’m the best you can get
      Have you guessed me yet?
      I’m the slime oozin’ out
      From your TV set

      ~Frank Zappa, “I’m the Slime”

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      • I live in a very small town of 285 people 40 miles from a major town. The things that my neighbors are so worked up over don’t affect them at all, yet here they are, consumed, choosing sides by half truth and outright lies.
        I have a house 5 hours from Panama City, Panama, and the locals told me this during the Varela election. “We’ve had dictators, coupe’s, communists, marxists, back to dictatorship and democratic rule, and were still here. I know this is a bit simplistic and not everyone can live this way, but they just don’t involve themselves in it. Not even in the economy really. They farm and live amongst themselves and work together on everything. Weird

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        • Keeping it simple is a healthy way to approach the human condition, so they seem to me to be living a better than most version of life.

          With that said I think it’s even healthier to pick maybe one topic to have interest in outside oneself or ones circles. Just to lend your voice to. If most people could filter out the noise and focus we would all be living better lives. I myself try to limit how much I care about to maintain my sanity.

          Just a thought

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      • Fabulous Zappa quote too! Thanks


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