Representatives In Congress Have A Great Benefits Package

As Republicans and Democrats try to convince me about how bad the other party is, my focus remains on how good the representatives in Congress have it compared to those who elected them.

As a “Taxpayer” take a moment to compare your benefits to those of who you have hired to represent you.

The minimum annual paycheck is $174,000

Speaker of the House gets $223,500

Other leadership positions pay $193,400

$250,000 budget for travel and office expenses

Members of Congress are eligible for a pension.

Congress gets the entire month of August off

They also get 10 Federal holidays off

They also recess (unchecked) for about 110 work days a year. We assume they are working back in their home states but there is no management oversight.

Should a member of Congress be killed while in office, the surviving family of that member would be entitled to receive at least one year’s worth of salary, or a minimum of $174,000.

Members of Congress and their staff members purchase their health insurance but the federal government subsidizes most of the premium cost.

They also have access to “free or low-cost medical care” through the Office of the Attending Physician as well as “free medical outpatient care at military facilities” in the D.C. area.

In fact, we basically hire strangers, with little or no background information, no educational requirements, and no job history report. Once hired they don’t even need to have the basics that most workers in America are required to have.

No job performance reviews.

No yearly goal requirements.

No Managers to report to.

I wonder why Republicans and Democrats never talk about how much they want to reduce their benefits to match that of the average voter…. strange.

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  1. I wrote about this many times….talk about the perfect job! It’s all a scam Lander

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  2. And, people still vote like they are rock stars.

    The WORST thing elected officials have done is hire NON-elected bureaucrats that we can’t stop nor control.

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  3. Politics to a T (or should I say P? Perhaps C [for Corruption]?).

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  4. I’ve often said that were the founding fathers to return and see the state of affairs in congress today, they would immediately take up arms and start another revolution.

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