Walmart, Lowes, Hotels, Restaurants, and Grocery Stores Now Have Robot Employees

There are a number of stores that have started the first rollout of robots to do jobs assigned to human workers.

Big boost to the bottom line for the rich:

  • Zero wasted money on Yearly Salary
  • Zero wasted money on Health and Dental Insurance
  • Zero wasted money on Retirement Packages
  • Zero wasted money on Injury Claims
  • Works nearly 24/7
  • No Vacations or Holidays ever
  • More money for Executive Bonuses
  • More money for Share Holders

Walmart has robots deployed to 50 stores across four states. They are working with the fully autonomous robots’ manufacturer, “Bossa Nova Robotics”.

The robots scan aisles for out-of-stock items, things that were put in the wrong place by customers, incorrect prices, and wrong or missing labels. They continuously go up and down the aisles of the store.

The robots are often more efficient than employees performing similar tasks.

Lowe’s also has robots in stores to help customers find goods they are searching for. “Fellow Robots” developed the “LoweBot”.

Customers can talk directly to LoweBot or use a touchscreen on the front panel. Shoppers can also ask the robot some basic customer service questions that would otherwise need to be addressed by a human employee. The robot also performs real-time inventory tracking and shopping patterns to improve sales. 

If everyone is replaced by robots who will have money to buy goods?

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  1. I guess the $15.00 minimum demands are helping companies to embrace new technology.

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    • They actually started these programs years before any of that $15.00 minimum challenge began.

      I’ve been aware of the development programs myself for over 15 years. Look up the name Ray Kurzweil, that may give you a better perspective on what is happening with AI and robots.

      It’s funny how effective the media is at making people think that people are to blame for simply wanting more for the work they do.

      The bottom line is that corporations want more money they have been developing ways to eliminate paid workers since day one. What do you think slavery was. Or even automated car manufacturing, did you think they were going to stop at just factory robots?

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      • You bring up a good point. I was trying to highlight the problem with a mandatory minimum wage and other mandates for employers when it comes to their employees.

        Sure, large corporations will always be able to buy and employ the latest and greatest. However, all of the other business owners have challenges when it comes to following all of the guidelines.

        Everyone needs to exercise expectation management in this realm. AI and robots will never truly replace people, since people are who fix these devices when they go down.

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  2. Nope. Sorry. Robots and AI should NOT replace humans. I like having people working in the shops, not some darn robotic thing.

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  3. That was my question. No jobs. No money. Who buys?

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  4. Is a robot going to chase down a shoplifter?


    • You stated — “Is a robot going to chase down a shoplifter?”

      My response — Maybe but what does that matter to you?

      Is your greatest concern when shopping at Walmart that the store is protected or that they have the product you need?

      Our job is to shop and provide them with revenue, their job is to protect their assets. Why conflate the two?

      They have the money and resources to pay for better security if they want.

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      • I always try and think of ifs and buts. No, I don’t care too much about petty shoplifters. However, I am morally opposed to it, hence my concern.

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        • You stated — “However, I am morally opposed to it, hence my concern.”

          My response – (For Myself) I don’t inject my morality in other people’s lives and I don’t like others injecting morality into mine.
          I like to take the path of authority, the store has an investment in the products they sell, hence they have a need to monitor and protect that investment. If the store wants to hire me I can then rightfully take a position on the actions of a shoplifter given my elevated level of authority.
          Outside of that, the law, organizations and even the shoplifters do not recognize my authority. In my religion I am taught to honor authority and not judge others, so I don’t.
          Instead I concern myself with the many things I have still not perfected in my own life. Things that are rightfully deserving of my concern and attention and are in dire need for me to focus my full resources and morality to solve them.

          Just a thought

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  5. Just taking more and more jobs away from real people – all the while everyone complains about “unemployment”.

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  6. Well considering the service I just got at Walmart the other day, this can’t be any worse. In Canada we use to pride ourselves on friendly, polite, excellent customer service and now its just a bunch of miserable, uninterested, unhelpful, pretty much useless carbon units that put me in a bad mood. I’m not one for technology but when it comes to Walmart this can only be an improvement. (note: not all Walmarts have useless staff I’m sure but Edmonton has issues)

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