One Man Turns His Dead Cat Into A Helicopter And Another Turns A Dead Shark Into A Jet… And That’s Not All

Meet the “Orvillecopter”, a helicopter that is half cat – half machine, created from the corpse of his dead cat Orville.

“Half ostrich, half helicopter”

“Half rat, half helicopter”

“Half shark, half jet”

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  1. Uhhh… no way jose`.
    Maybe a stuffed (statue like) well loved conversation piece.
    Maybe… but never ever ever a (gasp) helicopter.

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  2. Just what the bloody hell is going on in that mans mind
    “Oh no my cat died”
    TIME TO MAKE IT INTO A FUCKING HELICOPTER TO MAKE A SeCoNd liFe lmao people are so fucked in the head i mean come on why the hell would you do this
    Like he’s just casually his dead sad looking cat corpse
    Oh JusT fLyInG mY dEaD fUcKiNg CaT

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