Mary Ashford and Barbara Forrest are two young women separated by 157 years of time but joined together by the same murder.

  • Both last seen, killed, and found on May 27
    • 157 Years between each murder (to the day)
      • May 27, 1817
      • May 27, 1974 
  • Both raped and strangled
  • Both had a man named Thornton tried for their murder
  • Both men were acquitted
    • Abraham Thornton
    • Michael Ian Thornton
  • Both share the same birthday
  • Both were 20 years old
  • Both found in Pype Hayes Park, 300 yards apart from each crime scene, in the village of Erdington
  • Both murders remain unsolved
  • Both were at a dance before they were murdered

Witnesses stated that both women spoke of feeling a sense of dread in the days before their deaths.

Mary Ashford stated she hadbad feelings about the week to come”.

Barbara Forrest stated,This is going to be my unlucky month. I just know it. Don’t ask me why.

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  1. Weird. Wonder if it was a nephilim that killed both of them?

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  2. The last three comments are SPAM.

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  3. Actors in a play, take 2

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