Two Women Separated By 157 Years But Joined Together By The Same Murder

Mary Ashford and Barbara Forrest are two young women separated by 157 years of time but joined together by the same murder.

  • Both last seen, killed, and found on May 27
    • 157 Years between each murder (to the day)
      • May 27, 1817
      • May 27, 1974 
  • Both raped and strangled
  • Both had a man named Thornton tried for their murder
  • Both men were acquitted
    • Abraham Thornton
    • Michael Ian Thornton
  • Both share the same birthday
  • Both were 20 years old
  • Both found in Pype Hayes Park, 300 yards apart from each crime scene, in the village of Erdington
  • Both murders remain unsolved
  • Both were at a dance before they were murdered

Witnesses stated that both women spoke of feeling a sense of dread in the days before their deaths.

Mary Ashford stated she hadbad feelings about the week to come”.

Barbara Forrest stated,This is going to be my unlucky month. I just know it. Don’t ask me why.

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  1. Weird. Wonder if it was a nephilim that killed both of them?

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  2. The last three comments are SPAM.

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    • All the worlds a stage 😉

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      • He may not have been being metaphorical.

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        • The thoughts crossed my mind but I can’t find any stage prop labels

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          • There are no labels. Only signs that you continue you to investigate

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            • We can imagine everything but the truth. In our insignificance we create a story to validate humanity as something more special than the sum of the parts. Are we just participants in a play? Breaking away on a Friday to see the show? Others, acting out lines for their part of the drama. It means nothing but a break away from the mundane existence of eternal life ™️.

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              • You Stated — “Are we just participants in a play? Breaking away on a Friday to see the show?”

                My Response — Interesting way of looking at it.

                If we are in the play then we are the most important aspect of the event since others have expended resources of some type to come see us. What or who the others are would be the mystery in this possibility.

                If we are watching the play then the actors feel we are the most important aspect since their fate is in our hands. What this means is a mystery, but it would possibly be some type of future judgement of our overall performance.

                Either way there would be a judgement call at some point for someone.


                • Simply a test of endurance? Machismo? Who judges plays now but a handful of critics and friends and family? There is no authority on it unless that is your predisposition to think so.
                  I have some ideas on this that also solves the problems of evil without contradiction.

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                  • I’m not sure how evil fits, I was just saying that any performance has to distinct parts.

                    1) The performers
                    2) The watchers

                    At the end of the performance the watchers judge it. They either like the performance or they don’t.

                    Good and evil are much more complex. If we add that to the equation then I would say that life is definitely not a play and we are not on a stage. Good and Evil are struggles between philosophies. They demand change in one group to match behavior in another. Good is to be increased at all times and evil decreased at all times.

                    Example: Stealing is evil, we want less stealing not more. Create laws to decrease stealing.

                    As for “endurance”, if that were the case we would also definitely not be in a play but it would indicate that we were in an experiment or a test run of some type (like a stress test).

                    As for machismo, one would not know from our perspective. The stage and the spectators could be something slightly to the side of any type of emotion, let alone pride or even male pride.

                    We could easily be on the stage for something as simple as entertainment.

                    Just a thought


                    • Bear with me a moment. It is a hard process to explain but I’m working it out.
                      If you had the boredom of infinity to work with (can you ever, not be?) and you knew full well that no matter what happened during the drama, the stress, misery, joy, fighting, loving, heartbreak and loss, not knowing the beginnings nor the end, living in the mercury pools, poverty infested life and prolonged, miserable death when you started, knowing full well nothing at all matters, to see if you had the fortitude to muscle through it, and could arrange a scenario that seemed so important (it’s all one can remember) for the time being, we would sign up for nearly anything at all over and over. You see, surviving a harrowing event is the same feeling as dying. All the energy and stress right before impact, running for your life, it doesn’t matter if you live or die here, for when you when you break through to the other side and all the adrenaline and worry disappears, is like getting off an old wooden roller coaster, you just breath a sigh of relief, either way, live or die. It would be the only thing an infinite intelligence could possibly do to be entertained. Go into a realm of not knowing. The game would get you every single time.
                      I think it would be fun at least one time to be a deer that lives along the freeway, or an mentally ill jumper, or attacked by a grizzly.
                      —Or be murdered one time and then challenge your opponent to do it again to get the best of him. If you live another 100 years you’ll see those names pop up again. Now she needs to beat him…
                      These are just a smattering if the ideas i had in my awakening. I am not really alone in this either. I’ve learned that many highly skilled in the meditative arts also see this entire experience as a game. That is why post enlightenment they just laugh there ass off. There’s no meaning. It’s just for fun. That is the central mystery.


                    • You Stated — “It would be the only thing an infinite intelligence could possibly do to be entertained.”

                      My Response — I see where you are going with this thought. Infinite time needs infinite experience to avoid boredom.

                      Given infinite time we would absolutely become bored unless we began to seek the types of experience you described. We would also have to have limited memory to ensure we were continuously entertained.


                      Given infinite time we would also have infinite technology/capability so there would be no need to live an actual life of a deer, we could simply access the memory of one without dying to do so.
                      We would create a database of memories with any experience being available within it. In fact we would be able to access any past deer that ever existed within the library.

                      I would even go as far as to say that any intelligent life, given enough time, would eventually make this library a reality and even give free access to any living being (automatically) that desired to use it directly or by accident. Even access at a universe level, anyone – anywhere in the universe could access it.

                      I’m saying that you are correct but using occam’s razor the experiences would be easy to access and the targets (like deer) would not be real people living as deer to ensure the experience was pure, they would only be real deer. They would be the original deer, (not simulated or reincarnated). Infinite beings would want a genuine experience, and they would have the technology to get it.

                      This would be the same for any person, on any world, that ever lived. You would be able to access their life in a seamless way. You would even think you were them while accessing the memories. But the memory would be designed to wipe after finishing. You would not be able to retain it for long or remember the details after certain periods of elapsed time (a month or so). You could keep details if written down but not the feeling.

                      Interesting way of looking at it. It would take a plethora of worlds to build a full understanding of every possible perspective and experience.


                      It would also be live at all times. Writing information down as it happens, like chapters in a book.

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                    • I think you’ve missed one point on the deer, or any other like experience. Of course you could access the experience through others experiences, data base, catalog, library, whatever, but the thrill is only in not knowing (and maybe the deer does know, why else do they always go straight for you?) And maybe it would serve to purpose your experience, as I and your car cross paths. My goal is to present a scenario without contradicting myself, so feedback is invaluable. Thanks.

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  3. Above you stated ”If we are in the play then we are the most important aspect of the event” How so? If you go to the movies, what is the most important aspect of the show? Is it to see how well the actors perform? Not in my case anyway. It is to be entertained. Some people go to cry, scared to death, laugh, whatever their desire. Even when we know it’s pretend, we get involved, get scared, root for the hero or villain, immerse ourselves for the moment, cry, as if we were really in there. You know it’s not real, but still let emotion take over for the sake of being entertained. It is also the number one reason we all engage in this lifestyle, to get away from it. Holidays, video games, etc. We spend a huge amount of our time and money to pretend what we are not.

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    • You Stated — ” It is to be entertained.”

      My Response — I stand corrected, you are right. We go to the play to be entertained. The actors can be replaced.

      Interesting, then if all the world were a play, it would be for entertainment. The lifespan of the actors would need to be short to keep the story turning over.

      I will need to think about this more since it’s a new thought.

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      • Occasionally one gets to peek backstage. When that happens and one sees, a couple of things happen if they are not prepared.
        They walk off the set. Self destruct, go off the chain. This is why no master will teach you without a disciple to go wit it. The other thing that happens is a rise to self importance. I am god. I and the father are one. Now you must listen to what I say and do what I tell you to do. History is scattered with these types. Jesus at least spoke in parables to not give away the play. We are all god. It is essential to the longevity of it all, that mankind doesn’t cut it short by knowing the secret. This is the usefulness of religion. Never answering the question.
        This has likely happened before.

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        • Discipline, not disciple


        • You Stated — “They walk off the set. Self destruct”

          My Response — True for those that thought they were in control. I don’t have such thoughts so seeing behind the curtain would just make me more curious. I keep looking for more curtain, I might go crazy if there were no more curtain 😉

          As for Jesus he spent the entire time pulling the curtain back but I think people got mad because they like the play more than the reality.

          My focus now is on how to read the script. If we can do that we can get ahead of the actors and make the play more like an improv.

          Wouldn’t that be interesting 😉

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          • Absolutely. I’ll think on it. Maybe a fresh set of eyes will help.
            As far as seeing backstage and finding it more interesting, that is the blessing of life’s middle station. Isn’t that what we’re both doing already?

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          • On other thing. Jesus sought out his disciples. No zen master, guru or yogi does that. It’s no wonder they never got it. Then afterwards they became zealots. They believed him but did not understand him. When you actually see the big picture there is no longer any urgency. Usually just laugh a lot or live in seclusion. But they don’t try to change it.

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            • You Stated — “They believed him but did not understand him.”

              My Response — I think that maybe people are also to focused on making money off him.

              It could be that harnessing the mind and all it can do is on one side of the equation and the other side is simply getting more at the expense of others.

              I’m not sure but I think the Japanese call them hollow people.

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