I’m Curious — What Thoughts Enter Your Mind When You See This Image

We all perceive reality differently but the only way to gain more understanding of each other is to get a peak into each others psyche.

What Thoughts Enter Your Mind When You See This Image?

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  1. I thought “not my style of movie”. My wife looked at it and said “soulless evil person”

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  2. I was wondering what Sci-Fi movie this is from…

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  3. My first thought was – what is expected – from today’s society — a dark, dark negative type thought.

    But why couldn’t it be something quite the opposite?

    Some sort of enlightenment?

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  4. Well its so cold here the first thought I had is “That sun must feel so good!” and second thought was I’m confused and unsettled.

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  5. From first glance – aliens have landed 🙂

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  6. My first thought was that it was a mask with empty eye sockets then the iron giant (kids film)

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  7. nyan kitty meme! spewing rainbows out of eyes as it trips balls on too much light. hahahaha.

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