Voting Is The Most Important Thing In The World So Keep It Broken

You keep hearing that voting is the most important thing in the world. That this is your moment, things are going to be better this time. In reality, things are the opposite, Democrats and Republicans talk a good game but they don’t deliver.

  • Change We Can Believe In
  • Make America Great Again
  • Yes We Can
  • Read My Lips, No New Taxes
  • You can’t complain if you don’t VOTE!
  • Your vote counts.
  • Vote: It’s your right.

What you also keep hearing is how broken the voting system is. Year after Year the same issues, both sides complaining that it must be fixed, but guess what… it never is. No matter who is in power they don’t fix the voting system and the people just take it, like sheep.

  • Long lines
  • Lost ballots
  • Outdated equipment
  • Human interference
  • Confusing policies
  • Location changes
  • No standards

So, to put this in perspective, we can land on Mars, make AI, split the atom, and track down (to the penny), what each person in America owes on their electric bill, but we can’t fix voting. What if the goal wasn’t to get you to vote? What if the goal were something else?

  • Divide Americans
  • Create Strife
  • Frustrate Voters
  • Increase Anger
  • Start Fights
  • Distract Focus
  • Strip Rights

I will tell you a truth that you will not want to believe, but it will one day be a fact. The cell phone is the perfect voting machine. This is going to happen, it is inevitable. 

  • The cell phone is trusted with your Bank
  • With your Credit Cards
  • With your Medical Records
  • With your Mortgage
  • With your Home Security
  • With your Biometrics
  • With your Children

Voting could be the easiest thing in the world and best of all we could have independent tracking systems publicly owned to verify that each vote counts. (Not controlled by the government)

  • Instant registration
  • Zero lines
  • Zero wait for results
  • Maximum security
  • Instant verification and recount
  • Zero rejected ballots
  • Zero lost ballots

They Are Scared Of You Having That Much Power!!!!!!!

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  1. Nope, nope and nope. That would be horrible and it would also require everyone to have a smartphone. No sir Lander, there is no reason for that.

    Convenience is how our country got to where we are today.

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    • LOL

      Do you want to know how wrong you are?

      It has already started:

      Even I didn’t know, I was just predicting the most logical outcome.

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    • @bottomlesscoffee007

      Agree. This is a stinking bad idea. The risk far outweighs the benefits.

      There are two big problems with computers.
      1. We cannot just look at a computer and verify it is secure. When we deliberately put a computer on a network, we multiply the security issues. Because they are complex, it is difficult to prevent hacking into computers.
      2. Computers facilitate work. That’s great! Computers also facilitate errors.

      Anyway, it is stupid to put any of our voting systems online. Just asking for trouble.

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      • @Citizen Tom,

        Exactly, what else in the name of convenience are we willing to lose?

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      • You stated — “big problems with computers” in respect to voting.

        My response — This thinking is a bit dated since we now use computers for every aspect of our secured data (banks, medical, taxes, military, etc). You have the option to be fearful of it but technology marches on regardless.

        It reminds me of when older people talked about doing taxes online years ago and how they couldn’t trust it. What a fleecing we got from those tax offices, I’m so glad we ignored all those naysayers and took control of our own taxes. No need for corporations and government to control everything.

        You can keep your party ran paper ballots and long lines, have fun with that outdated unsecured system. In the past you knew how unsecure the current system is, given your own blog post titles:

        “VOTER FRAUD”



        • @Lander7

          You are recommending online voting based upon our experience with our tax system? You cannot see the mess politicians have made of that?

          There are plenty of examples of hacks into both private and government computer systems. Some of the hacks have been traced to foreign governments. So it is stupid to put our voting systems online. The idea we can trust politicians to implement a reliable and secure system is just dumb.

          So why would politicians want our voting systems online? It would be easier for the states and later the Federal government to assume control an online system. Voter fraud would be easier.


          • You stated — “You are recommending online voting based upon our experience with our tax system?”

            My response — That was an analogy, not a recommendation. I was comparing past comments on fears of technology taking over traditional services in respect to concerns of privacy. I thought that was obvious.

            I also wasn’t indicating any form of recommendation since I stated, “technology marches on regardless”, to clarify I am saying your getting on board is irrelevant. This should be clear since cell phone voting has already started in Virginia.

            The recommendation to use online voting is arguably inspired by people like yourself rightfully pointing out how corrupt the current system is by parties such as the Democrats in your case and of course Republicans in the other bloggers cases. You guys have convinced me we can’t trust what we currently have.

            Your posts speak for themselves:
            “PROTECT THE VOTE”
            “VOTER FRAUD”

            You stated — “There are plenty of examples of hacks into both private and government computer systems. So, it is stupid to put our voting systems online.”

            My response — According to your articles (and using your logic) I guess it would also be stupid to use the current system since it has shown to be fraudulent and corrupted. So, no difference there. Your posts prove that successfully.

            You stated — “The idea we can trust politicians to implement a reliable and secure system is just dumb.”

            My response — Like the one we are using now that they implemented…… O.o

            I will go with what you said earlier: What solutions can you contribute to the voting challenges? One I would guess, from what you said, that doesn’t have the government rolling it out (that would be dumb)


        • @Lander7

          Why are we having voter fraud issues now? Voter fraud is a moral crime. We have put people in charge who put winning ahead on morality. No system can be made honest if the wrong people run it.


  2. Electronic voting provides a huge opportunity for rigging.


    • and yet it’s far more secure than a stack of paper entrusted to a handful of people.

      Time to accept that the old way is a mess and completely unsecured.


      • No, I think the “new way” is worse. In the 2016 US elections there were complaints about the electronic votes being rigged for the Democrats. Even a Republican congressional candidate had his vote changed to his Democrat opponent! This resulted in 3 or 4 states (traditionally Democrat) going entirely paper, due to the rigging complaints in those states. VERY curiously enough, Trump won those states. There were also reports in 2018 of electronic voting machines changing a vote from Republican to Democrat. In 2012, there were claims of a voting machine changing a vote from Obama to Romney.
        Oy vey…


  3. I’m confused. How will electronic voting on your smartphone fix any of the aforementioned problems (i.e. failure to deliver on election promises, lack of concern for the unemployed, dishonesty, removal of rights, corruption, etc.)?

    It’s akin to slapping a fresh coat of paint on a condemned building.

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    • You Stated — “I’m confused. How will electronic voting on your smartphone fix any of the aforementioned problems”

      My Response — Easy… with the phone as the voting machine you can have an almost endless number of runners. This makes it easy to have “Ranked-Choice Voting”.

      This opens the floor to many candidates who are not rich or don’t have access to deep pockets. You can also use AI or apps to help pick candidates from a larger pool based on desired policy rather than TV debates or paid for adds.

      Phone voting would seriously disrupt the current process and change the political landscape.

      Not to mention the turn out would be much larger due to convenience. That alone could have a dramatic impact on the political landscape.

      The feedback stats would be near instant and could, “on it’s own”, rally more voting interaction as people see in real time who is winning.


      • I don’t disagree that electronic voting makes it easier to vote. But it also makes it easier for anyone to hack the system anonymously from anywhere on the planet. And again, how will changing the manner in which we cast ballots force elected representatives to keep their election promises or remain honest?

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        • You Stated — “But it also makes it easier for anyone to hack the system anonymously from anywhere on the planet.”

          My Response — I strongly disagree. We bank with the phone, use our credit cards, medical records (new), and intimate communication. The phone is much safer than those antiquated, primitive computers at the voting offices. A five year old could hack those things lol.

          Strange how they have everyone so scared to use the best technology on the planet for the most important reasons.


            • You Asked — “Should I post more links or will that suffice?”

              My Answer — You will need more links, since these are out of context and lack relevancy.

              Show me the links where Bank of America, Wells Fargo and the Citi Bank are being hacked from phones using their apps and the conversation will get much more interesting.


              • Are you asking me show you how to hack into computers? Because that would be a serious crime. 🙂

                The first two links I provided serve notice that your smartphone can be compromised (I’ve already installed six Android security updates since I bought my phone a year ago) while the third link lists multiple financial institutions and government agencies (including the IRS and US military) that have been compromised. If someone gains access to your passwords and banking information nothing prevents them from using the “secure” banking app to clean out your bank account.


                • I get that the world is an unsafe space and I am a computer engineer so I understand what you are saying but it’s still out of context.

                  Banks hold money
                  Banks get robbed
                  We put our money in banks because they are safe

                  You want me to think my money is safer under my mattress Oo

                  Show me where Bank of America, Wells Fargo or Citi are no longer safe to do all my online banking with using my phone and we will have an interesting conversation.

                  Voting with the phone is safer than every voting system we have in place right now.

                  To prove it: The US government let people vote using their phone for the first time in the last election. The only fear of hacking from that election was with voting machines.


                  • If you work in IT then you know (or should know) that the weakest link in the chain is the idiot behind the screen and technology can’t fix stupid. The most sophisticated system in the world is useless if the end user visits insecure websites, uses easy-to-guess passwords, downloads malware or falls victim to a phishing scam.

                    And that’s just scratching the surface.

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                    • Sure people make bad decisions and other people exploit those gaps but we still have secure widely popular apps that deliver value add on a daily basis.

                      Fear is not a valid reason not to move forward.


                    • It’s not the technology I fear; it’s the people who control it. Social media platforms already censor what you see and ban people they disagree with.

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                    • I get that you fear people but I was saying that isn’t a good reason to stop moving forward with cell phone voting.

                      Regardless, it’s inevitable. You may skip it out of fear but the next generation will embrace it.


                    • Of course they’ll embrace it. And so will every other generation born after WWII. But the question isn’t whether or not people will embrace it, but whether or not it will improve our quality of life.

                      “People will come to love their oppression, to adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think.”
                      –Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business

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                    • You Stated — “But the question isn’t whether or not people will embrace it, but whether or not it will improve our quality of life.”

                      My Response — It’s not the responsibility of technology to improve anything, that’s mankind’s job. With or without technology mankind has to decide to be helpful or harmful to itself. It’s only after that decision a hammer can be used to destroy or repair 😉


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