I Had A Dream That Became Reality And, As A Bonus, Provided Me With A Simple Way To Translate It

For the record, this is a true account of my experience.

I had a dream about my cousin Dewayne two days before he died. This dream provided me with an understanding of how to interpret it and other dreams with a simple process.

First: The Dream –


In the dream I was sitting on a bed in my cousin’s bedroom, the bed was oddly centered at the midpoint of the wall to the furthest left of the bedroom door. I was reading a magazine with other magazines laying on the bed in front of me. I couldn’t read the words in the magazine or make out any accompanying images.

My cousin walked into the room with a bowl of cheerios in his hand, taking big spoonfuls into his mouth. As he walked around the bed he would spit out each spoonful, much like someone laughing suddenly while drinking water. He repeated this spray of cheerios about 4 to 6 times as he walked around to the side of the bed.

I asked him, “Why are you spitting out your cereal?” He stopped and stared at me with a panicked and confused look on his face for about 30 secs and then turned and left the room.

I jumped off the bed and ran out to follow him. I should have been fairly close to him when I got to the door but he must have been moving very quickly because he was already at the bottom of the steps turning the corner. I ran down the steps only to be more amazed that he was now fully across the room at the front door. I called out for him to wait but he opened the door and a flood of white light came into the dimly lit house.

I stopped because the light was so brilliant, although it didn’t hurt my eyes. He turned towards me with a look of utter happiness and peace on his face and then walked into the light. I began running again to the door to see where the light was coming from and where he was going. Once outside my eyes began to adjust from the bright white to a comparatively much softer light from the sun. I was standing outside the house, alone, with no one in sight, my cousin was gone.

Now: The Reality

welcome to reality.jpg

Two days later, after the dream, I get a call from a family member and they told me that my cousin had died. I pressed them for details and they stated he was fatally shot in the neck while parked somewhere off duty (he was a sheriff). It was a fast and unexpected death, due possibly to mistaken identity.

Where does this leave us:


I immediately made the connection between the dream and the reality of his death. This wasn’t an abstract connection, it was a vivid dream in which the details had direct relations to his fatal situation. 

I played the dream over and over again in my head to better understand how it connected to the direct event and that’s when I remembered a talk given by a scientist working on a project to one day send information back in time using a method called “Frame Dragging“. He went into detail about a process that would be extremely difficult and theorized that only a small message of some type could be sent back, no living beings or physical objects. So I started thinking of the dream as a small text or data message.

Example: Dewayne will be taken by surprise, fatally shot in the neck and then die quickly.

It’s almost impossible to read something in a dream, the words are scrambled or they keep changing. So the (text like) message is translated into a visual construct. Here is the text message reconstructed and broken down.

“Dewayne”: So my cousin’s house is reconstructed in the dream world with him in it. This locks me onto him as the focus in the message.

“will be taken by surprise”: He is given a surprised and panicked look on his face in the dream while staring directly at me for roughly 30 sec.

“and fatally shot in the neck”: Demonstrated clearly with the cereal being spit out repeatedly instead of swallowed.

“and will die quickly”: This is directly related to his speedy departure and the white light door scene at the end of the dream.

The dream was a visual representation of a text-like data information stream.

shadow realm.jpg

We are somehow getting a data stream ahead of an event. I also found another version of this process that can be done in an awakened state:


If this resonates with any experience you have had please share.

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    • Yep, true story. If only I had reached out to him, maybe things would have been different.

      Something similar happened a few years later and I did reach out to that person.


      • exciting or frightening what emotion I should say, I am confused myself…. But wow, is this a blessing in one way
        If you can reach then can you change the happening??

        Liked by 1 person

        • You Stated — “If you can reach then can you change the happening??”

          My Answer — As an experiment I did reach out to another cousin I had a dream about. I told him what happened in the dream and the woman I saw him with in it. I didn’t know the woman but the event in the dream was horrific involving the woman’s car.

          I told him about the first dream I had and directed him to do whatever he thought was best since I don’t have any way of knowing as a fact what will happen.

          He told me that the woman I saw was a matching description to his girlfriend and that the car in the dream was her car so he decided not to go on a trip with her that they were planning in the car.

          The event never happened that I saw in the dream. Was it because I told him? I have no way to confirm that in a practical way.

          I currently tell some people of dreams and others I don’t but I rarely have a dream with a major event.

          Side Note: My mother has been telling me things like this for years that happened to her but I thought it was her imagination or something.

          Liked by 1 person

  1. I am grateful that you shared your story. I can relate, and it is nice to meet another soul that has experienced something similar.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Perhaps your cousin was telling you “cheerio cheerio bye bye. I will see you on the other side” ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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