• The Moon is really a planet.
    • The Moon doesn’t actually orbit the Earth. The Earth and Moon orbit each other, around a point between them called a barycenter.
    • The moon is larger than the once planet Pluto.
  • The Moon is older than Earth.
  • Moondust smells like gunpowder and can erode materials from Earth ultra fast.
  • Shadows of the Moon are far darker than those on Earth due to the lack of atmosphere.
  • The same side is always facing the Earth (it doesn’t rotate Oo), we never see the other side directly.
  • The Moon is hollow.
  • The Moon is egg-shaped, the bulging side faces away from Earth.
  • The moon’s crust is composed primarily of illeminite, a mineral containing large amounts of titanium.
  • The Moon has large, dense, circular masses lying beneath the surface called mascons. (what are they Oo)
  • There is one dead body on the Moon, Eugene Shoemaker, his ashes were scattered onto the Moons surface.

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  1. The “facts” listed here (about the moon) are such a short list. There is more strangeness than you can imagine going on with the moon.

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  2. Egg shaped! Blew me away!

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  3. I’m used to thinking about the moon in a certain way!
    Somewhat disturbing to my thoughts. Not unpleasantly though.I can
    only take in so much. But then I don’t think I need to know much more about it at this time in my life!

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