Children Are Dying In Idaho Because Parents Are Refusing Medical Help In Favor Of Religious Faith Healing Only

Some religious groups are forcing faith healing in states such as Idaho, which offers protection from prosecution for religious rights.

Nearly 200 victims in Idaho, (infants, children and teens), have died while being denied medical treatment by parents demanding faith healing only. Others are suffering from long-term complications due to lack of treatment.

Mariah Walton’s Story and why she wants her parents in jail.

Babies are dying from fevers that could be treated easily at hospitals. Even broken bones are ignored in favor of faith healing.

The testimonies of abuse have not convinced Idaho’s legislators to change the laws to protect the children.

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  1. Some people are really hostile to faith healing, seeming to forget that medical errors are still the 3rd leading cause of death in the US, killing some 240,000 people a year.

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    • The problem isn’t faith healing, it’s denial of medical treatment in favor of only faith healing.

      As a Christian I believe in healing from God but I also believe it’s evil to deny a child medical care.

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    • @ IB22

      This is a dreadful stat, of course. As you say, it should be addressed ( are you sure it isn’t).
      But this in no way exonerates faith healing which has never ever been shown/verified to have been effective in any circumstances.

      For what it’s worth, while the figures you relay are bad can you imagine what the rate of infant mortality alone would be without ANY medical intervention?
      Simply try to imagine the disaster if blanket vaccinations were withdrawn or suddenly inaccessible?

      Consider all the children that died or suffered with polio?
      Consider all the women that died in childbirth.
      Consider all those who died because of toothache?

      Bring it right up to date and imagine what would happen if there were no anti-retrovirals?

      As it is,the Catholic Church through its stance on contraception is regarded as directly responsible for the deaths of untold numbers in Africa and other places around the globe

      However, instead of trying to tacitly support faith healing perhaps it would be better if you simply supported your case by supplying verified evidence of just a single individual healed /cured/ brought back to health as a direct result of faith healing or prayer?
      In all seriousness, I am most interested to read any evidence you must surely be aware of, yes?


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  2. Some would argue that they did not have enough faith…

    Even as anti-doctor as I am, I still have a family practitioner (for those rare immediate type needs)

    religion or science?
    science or religion?

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  3. I’m non-religious but, not an atheist. Percentage-wise, statistically-speaking, the medical establishment has killed more people than religious parents. Both are culpable. Unfortunately, it is easier to punish parents than it is to go after high profile doctors or the leviathan that churns them out.

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  4. Though, legislating against faith healing is wrong.

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  5. Mandating medication/medical care and punishing those who don’t want to take part is absolutely WRONG. It’s just like the numerous attempts to punish those who dare to not vaccinate their kids – often briefly filling the news with factoids and emotional sop stories.

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  6. I think the top comment in your linked article sums it up quite nicely:

    “If faith healing worked then hospitals would be practising it” ~FattMatt

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    • You Stated — “I think the top comment in your linked article sums it up quite nicely:”

      My Response — I disagree, for hospitals it would have to read more like this:

      “If faith healing generated revenue then hospitals would be practicing it” ~ Evil Corp

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      • I honestly can’t begrudge those who’ve devoted thousands of dollars and hours of their time to learning medicine from seeking compensation for their efforts. And faith healers don’t exactly offer their services for free either.

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