Meet Samantha: The First Family Friendly Sex Robot Designed To Please The Husband But Also Read Stories To Children And Motivational Quotes To The Wife

Samantha is an AI sex robot that learns as it interacts with its host. It can have conversations and it even interacts with “Alexa” to help with the household. The sex robot has a special physiological mind and synthetic nervous system to enhance human experiences.

Where this gets stranger:

Samantha also has a “Family Mode” which allows it to talk to children and interact with family members in a non-sexual manner. It can be set to inspire you with motivational quotes, tell jokes, read stories to children, and more.

There has been no government or religious effort to stop the rise of sexual robots and it would seem that they are about to take on a larger role in peoples homes and families.

Is WestWorld becoming a reality?

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  1. This guy’s facial expressions and body language say it all. And the poor wife is just a total pushover, happy that he’s not cheating on her with a human.

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    • You stated — “And the poor wife is just a total pushover, happy that he’s not cheating on her with a human.”

      My response — And she has to stand up on the side while the robot gets to sit on the couch. Is it me or is this whole situation completely disrespectful to that woman?

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  2. Funny, they turn the robot off so she won’t say anything inappropriate, but the next thing they do is playback recordings of some things she can say. Why not let her speak for herself if the AI is so good? Hell, they can always edit out the recording – if she says anything “inappropriate.”
    It’s really nothing but a glorified sex doll – a blow-up doll with intelligence.

    Anybody that has watched any kind of sci-fi (not so much fiction anymore) movie in the last -say 50 years- would see this is where our society is going.

    And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

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  3. Thank you for sharing. The world needs to wake up, and not accept all the strange change going on.

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  4. The shell of everything one can get for money, but not the core it is not for money to buy.

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  5. For the ladies who think this is bad, please detach your iPhone from the palm of your hand and have a sexual interaction with your husband. Otherwise, continue playing Candy Crush and let him have his sex toy.

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  6. Yeah. But can she make a sandwich?


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