Remember That Movie Starring Whoopi Goldberg As A Detective With Her Partner Who Was A Dinosaur

Theodore Rex, also known as T. Rex, is a 1995 buddy cop family film written and directed by Jonathan Betuel and starring Whoopi Goldberg.

In an alternate futuristic society where humans and dinosaurs co-exist, a police detective named Katie Coltraine (Whoopi Goldberg) is paired with a Tyrannosaurus named Theodore Rex (George Newbern) to find the killer of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals leading them to a ruthless billionaire bent on killing off mankind by creating a new ice age.

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  1. Paired up with the power!! I never saw that movie!!! I shall be aware of it from now on and look for it on YouTube or somewhere!!

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  2. I’ve seen her in a lot of things, but I missed that one.

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  3. I’ve got to look this one up!

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