People Are Putting Holes On The Sides Of Live Cows So They Can Reach Inside Their Stomachs

They’re called “Fistulated” cows.

A section of the cow’s abdomen is removed to expose their stomachs. The mutilation has a four- to six-week recovery period, in which there’s no doubt that the animals are uncomfortable.

Microbes in fistulated cows’ stomachs are studied and sometimes transferred to other animals. Fistulated cows are also put on display at events in which patrons are invited to reach inside a live cow.

The federal Animal Welfare Act does not extend to animals used in agricultural experiments, so cows have no legal protection from cruelty.

This is what they do to put a hole in a cow:

People love this scientific process:

This is why they do it:

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  1. If this is what it takes for people to get interested in science, we are doomed.

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  2. Hopefully, once the experiment ends, they then close up the cow. Exposing them to open air only invites bacteria(even from human hands) and using them as a show and tell and petting animal on the side makes it worse. PETA–say something! Silence is being complicit IMO.

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  3. Good lord, that is disturbing.

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  4. Holey cow! Who had a hand in this?

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  5. Cowley How! Siht ni dnah a dah ohw?


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