Fact: There Is A Game Called “Kindergarten Killer” Where You Shoot To Kill Kids, But It Gets Worse…..

The game is dedicated to killing very young children and teachers in a school setting.The game has been online for over 15 years.

Kindergarten Killer is a first-person shooter where players use a rifle to shoot small children armed with guns as they run through the halls.

The free browser game was published in 2002 and most websites have removed it due to the increase in school mass shootings but you can still find a number of sites that have it up and running.

Where this gets even sicker!!

A new game is trying hard to make it’s way to consumers called, “Active Shooter”. The game allows players to prowl a school campus from the point of view of an attacker and shoot children in the back of the head as they run to hide.  It was scheduled for release on June 6, 2018, but has run into strong opposition and is currently looking for an outlet to carry it.

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  1. So sick!!! Encouraging people to kill children and teachers? It’s like they are trying to brainwash people into thinking it is safe or to think it is normal. I’m glad “Active Shooter” has run into strong opposition.

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