There Are People Who, Suddenly, Can Only Speak With A Foreign Accent

Foreign accent syndrome is an extremely rare condition in which people suddenly can only speak with a foreign accent.

It usually happens after some kind of head trauma or stroke but in some cases, you could simply wake up and no longer have the accent you grew up with.

There can be a lack of understanding and compassion when this happens from friends and family. People tend to think it’s a joke or that they can simply force the accent to return. Life can be very challenging for the person with the newly acquired accent. Your accent is a part of your identity, losing it projects a different identity.

What would you do if you woke up with someone else’s voice?

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  1. British, Australian, or Scottish for me.

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  2. There was a boy I went to church with that had that happen. Strangers thought he was from the UK but he’d never left Ellensburg (cow town USA). It was twenty years ago. I wonder if he grew out of it.

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  3. Wow. I’ve heard of people’s accents changing over time for various reasons (my mother’s after taking several language courses – with her uncle telling her “I like your accent”), and I know a lady (100% Aussie born and bred) who has an American accent due to her autism, but I’ve never heard of just waking up with another accent.

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