Is Dark Humor Really Funny Or Is It Just Twisted And Disturbing

Laughter is so powerful that it can extend the duration of your life, so complex that almost anything can be funny depending on the person experiencing it.

But here is where it’s gets a bit complex:

Dark Humor is far deeper than slap stick or common scripted antics. Dark Humor crosses a line to make something funny that shouldn’t be. It’s for a limited crowd that is often misunderstood.

Do you have a Dark Sense Of Humor?

  • If you find all of these to be funny, then yes
  • Just a few, then you still have time to get help
  • None at all, then you are a good, clean citizen
Birthday Clown
Puppet Class
The Slapper
Snickers Betty White
Massage Chair
The “Mortal Kombat” game elevator prank.
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  1. Gallows humor. I’ve seen that with the veterans in my life, the cops in my life and the firefighters in my life. Joking about some really traumatic things can help relieve the pressure. I’ve been to enough Co-Dependents Anonymous meetings (AA’s sister group) to see the dark humor. Laughter is a healing thing.

    I didn’t watch any of the videos. I can’t stand SNL or pranks or violence. None of that is funny to me.

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    • Interesting, so no dark humor, thanks for the feedback, very insightful.


      • Well, no, I didn’t mean that. Dark humor can be hysterical. I was just remarking that I don’t like SNL, stupid pranks or violent incidents that some people laugh at. Dark humor doesn’t have to include violence, pranks or the SNL morons.

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        • Interesting! Could you share some of what you would call dark (funny) humor?


          • Um, anything from Steven Wright, George Carlin, Robin Williams, some of Jeff Dunham’s stuff… Stories told by the vets, cops & FFs I mentioned, above. The meetings…

            I remember my dad laughing about stepping into the rib cage of a burned body just inside a house or joking about carrying Vick’s Vap-o-Rub around in his state car for the smell (shove it up your nose). My SO talking about eating a meal during an autopsy or having rats crawl over him to get out of the burning house he was going into (nothing bothers him). Then, there’s his story about being in Vietnam…middle of the night, he rolls out of his hooch, heads to a sand dune to take a piss. Keeps hearing something hit the sand. He then realizes that his back is to the light and his silhouette is a perfect target for the snipers. They missed him three times before he finally headed back to the hooch. One of the Inspectors I worked with (they are like plainclothes detectives) made jokes about making a loaded 9mm into a dildo.

            Watch some episodes of the 90s versions of The Outer Limits. There is a lot of dark humor in that.

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  2. I agree with the first half of your comment, the second… well, i have seen some snl (no I didn’t watch these videos either), some I’ve found humorous, others not so much.

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  3. The first was genuinely funny. The second was too poorly executed to be funny. The third was mildly amusing but drawn out too long. The fourth was cute. The fifth was “meh” and the last one elicited a chuckle for the high-pitched scream at the two minute mark.

    I’ll leave the ranking up to you.

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