Adults Are Training 8 Year Old Children To Pole Dance

8-year-old children are being trained to do one of the most sexually charged dances on Earth, “Pole Dancing”. 

Pole dancing has been synonymous with strip joints and lap-dancing clubs. It has stopped being solely the preserve of red-light districts and moved into the mainstream. It is now referred to as “pole fitness”.

Are we in a culture that sexualizes children?

If this is for “pole fitness” then why the play money?

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  1. The dances themselves are hardly the problem, consider the stamina and upper body strength needed for the routines… the issue I have is in the spectators.


    • Sport for strength I can understand and even trying to take back something that may have been perverted by strip bars is understandable but where they lose me is in the muck. Take for instance that the pole dance game kits come with fake money.

      There is going to be a very strange transition period where children will have to somehow navigate the spectator response and association with sex at an age where they are more susceptible to programming rather than reason.

      I don’t see this ending well for some of them.


    • The issue you have is with the spectators? Okay, they’re pretty much doing this FOR spectators. It’s NOT a private thing. There are clubs that compete for scores. They are judged on ability, poise and technique. Gymnastics does the same thing. So, what would you have them do? I assume you say that because your idea of men watching this is perverted. So, should we kick all of the men out of anything having to do with girls period? Should all of the coaches be women? And what about TV or the Internet? There is such a thing as a woman predator.
      The difference between this and gymnastics is that pole dancing has long been known as a form of sexual entertainment. I would not want the men attracted to that attracted to this but there’s no way you’re going to prevent it. It’s for that reason I would be against this.


  2. This is such a redeeming site for a Christian to operate. Or is he a Christian at all?


    • Why is opposing children pole dancing anti-christian Dave Norris?

      This will be the first time someone has defended pole dancing for children because of Christianity, what is your denomination Dave Norris?


  3. I said you had a redeeming site. To me redeeming means good. What does it mean to you?

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    • To me it means “saving from sin”, but what confused me was your question of faith at the end in conjunction wit it.

      It seemed to indicate there being something wrong with opposing pole dancing for children. That may have forced the wrong understanding of what you were trying to say, I apologize if that was the case.


  4. Denominations are man-made theology you should know that. I belong to no denomination. What about you?


  5. A bit deceiving? I call them greatly deceiving and so does Jesus. In vain they worship me teaching as doctrines the Commandments of men. Do you agree?

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    • I would agree they are deceiving anything more could just be semantics but I may agree that some religions could be classified as greatly deceiving due to the way they fleece the flock for money and property.


  6. If you want them to stop asking you for money on the you 100 fold return, ask them to send you 1 million dollars and then the Lord will bless them a hundred fold and they won’t have to ask for money again. I did that once but to this day I never received a check. I wonder why? Not really

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  7. Pole dance is for all ages and anyone who see’s children on a pole as sexual, is a little perverted. I’m a pole dancer, and our class is open for children. One of the girls is 8 and she shows so much strength, confidence and resilience – I wish I had an ounce of that as a child.
    People forget that there is more than one form of pole dance, there is the classic ‘stripper’ style but there are plenty more that can give ballerina’s a run for their money.
    I agree with the child’s pole above, it’s a tad tasteless, but most pole dancer’s would think that was strange too.
    Go to a class and watch the men and women be graceful, strong and powerful – it will honestly open your mind 🙂

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  8. Interesting post , keep up the good work. Have a great day.

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  9. If this is presented as exercise, a-kin to gymnastics, that is a good thing. If it is to train them to understand that they can eventually make money doing that, Houston, we have a problem. And, I agree with Carly, above, Pageants are awful. I know. I’ve been in one. Objectification, straight up.


  10. Ha, welcome to the reality that has been in existence since time began.

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  11. It’s sad. Pole dancing is a great core workout, it strengthens, tones, and burns fat, but I agree with what others are saying. If it’s being used as a tool to objectify these young girls and show them that a “career” can be made by showing off their bodies, it is a problem. It should be used as a tool for fitness and art, not objectifying their bodies and teaching them that sex sells. I’m also disappointed in the outfits I see so many girls wearing as well. It’s such a shame!! Kids need to just be kids for as long as they can.

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